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Sleep apnea/vomiting?

Can Sleep Apnea result in vomiting?  My 6YO daughter is absolutely fine in the daytime eats and drinks fine,  but then in the early hours of the morning wakes up felling dizzy and nausious, and has a vomit, but it is only a small amount of milky/frothy/clear fluid, never any food. This then continues every half an hour or so with a short sleep in between until morning comes. It has only just started this week. As the nausia comes on she shakes and kicks her legs around like her body is in a spasm and gags in the troat, It is very scary, so far my local Doctor has had no solution.  She had a fever and a chesty cough about a week prior to the vomiting but both had cleared before this started. The only thing the Doctor has found so far is she has a enlarged tonsil at the moment, its not inflammed or infected at all. I had a thought the tonsil may be causing sleep apnea, and her body maybe making her have a vomit/gag reflex to get her airways to re-open to start breathing again. When I have watched her, her breathing does slow down and pause for periods of time prior to waking up for a vomit. But she does not snore or have any other assosiated symptoms for sleep apnea. Any advise on causes and treatment would be appreciated, our next step is off to see a specialist.
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If she does have breathing pauses, whether or not she snores, she could have obstructive sleep apnea. However, vomiting is not one of the more common symptoms of sleep apnea  (although almost everything seems possible). It is conceivable that during an obstructive episode, reflexes are set off that trigger vomiting. I would definitely take her to see an ENT specialist, especially if this continues.
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