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Will tongue regrow back after tongue reduction coblation

Hi..I had uppp and tongue base coblation surgery 8 weeks ago. My sleep apnea has been severely worsened after the surgery. I'm able to casually inhale and close off my airway now. An exam from another ENT showed that when I inhale i'm experiencing tongue base collapse. I seen a neurologist the other day who said that tongue base coblation surgery was a waste of time because the tongue would just grow back in time. He said he's seen epilepsy patients who have bitten the end of their tongue off and it just grows back. Is this possible? Ever hear of anyting like that before? I wonder if this guy could just be yanking my chain...He's really pushing for me to get an MMA now becuase i have a pretty good overbite and he says i'm an ideal candidate for the operation.. I"ve read a lot online about MMA and a lot of people that got messed up from it. What do you think about MMA? After the UPPP surgery I am no longer able to carry a high pitch voice anymore...like if you were immitating somebody who just got kicked in the groin....Can't sing anymore becuase of it...I"m afraid if i went through MMA some other wierd phenomenon would happen and i wouldn't even be able to talk right any more..Any opinions?
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The coblation procedure physically removed muscle, which doesn't grow back. If the procedure didn't work, it's for other reasons, or it wasn't aggressive enough.

There are risks (although small) with any surgery. Talk to an oral surgeon that performs the MMA procedure and he or she will be able to answer your questions.
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