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anxiety and gasping for air during sleep

Hi. I wrote you about getting up in the middle of the night gasping for air the other night and having the problem with sweating and fast pulse afterwards. The incident happened once the other night and once several years ago while I was in Tennessee. You had mentioned to me about seeing a sleep specialist if I was suffering from depression or anxiety. I was wondering if and how this problem can be related to anxiety? I suffer from anxiety and take pills to help manage it. I had not taken any pills in the past 3 weeks, however, because I only like to use them when absolutely necessary. Thanks!
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Besides your obvious awakenings, you probably have many more subconscious, micro-arousals, with prevents you from ever achieving deep sleep. This causes a low-grade stress response which also causes your involuntary nervous system to become hypersensitive, or "en garde" all the time. So then all your senses and even your emotions overreact even at the smallest things. To address anxiety issues, there are three ways to address it: take medications to help numb your nervous system, sleep better, or take part in activities that help to calm or relax your nervous system (such as exercise, yoga, breathing exercises, or tai chi).

Take a look at my two (blog) articles, Anxiety and Sleep Position, and the Male Menopause Myth, for more interesting explanations about your condition.
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