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awake when body is asleep

in the middle of me sleeping my mind wakes up, but my body is still sleeping.  i am fully aware of whats going on around me, but i am unable to move any part of my body.  i can't even open my eyes!  i am literally screaming in my mind trying to wake up and it takes so much extreme concentration just to move my own finger.  it feels like forever when i finally wake up though im sure it's only been no more then twenty minutes.  ive been on deployment to iraq and at first i thought this was all because of that, but when i talk to my friends in the service who were on deployment with me none of them are experiencing this.  im nervous to say something to my doctor because i'm nervous it will be something they will kick me out of the service for.  please i need anything that will help me get an idea of wha5t'sgoing on and maybe get some kind of control of this.
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It's called sleep paralysis. You should see a sleep medicine doctor about it.
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