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I forget how to breath & swallow, drooling, muscle spasms & chronic itching

Hi, so to start,I do have apnea and issues exhaling. I am unable to use a c pap or bi pap because of following:
I wake up and can't remember how to breath, the the mask and air flow cause me to panic even more.
Every night i either have heartburn and/or reflux and often wake up feelung like I'm  drowning in acid. This causes severe  burning  in my throat  and nose  coughing and not being able to  catch my breath  not to mention my pillows now soaked in acid. I've tried all the different meds but none work so I drink baking soda and water all night. it's the only relief I get. It doesn't matter if I eat 1 hour or 6 hours before bed.
Next there is the drooling non stop soaking my pillow and jammas.
Let's not leave out rocking non stop and  involuntary muscle spasms in my lower back. The only way to describe it is a massive amount of energy building up and if you don't kick you will explode. This will turn into my back arching and locking up.  
Next is forgetting how to swallow. This can happen day or night. And includes my throat closing while swallowing food.
Chronic itching on my arms and wake up with open bleeding sores. If I don't scratch,it feels like needles poking from the inside out. The only relief is ice packs. This can go on 24/7 and the last episode lasted 2 years.
I don't have any alergies and most of this has been going on for 30 years.
I am begining more tests but wanted to know if anyone else had a few or all these sleep problems? Any suggestions on  remedies?
TAI, Laura
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