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Realistic Dreams of other lives everynight.....no rest.

For over a month now my husband has been experiencing vivid realistic dreams. They have been every night for over a month. His first experience was a 10 minute nap where he woke in tears. He dreamt an entire life in 10 minutes. He could even tell me that he remembered all the vehicles he had owned, his friends and that he saw his hands and that they were large and rough (not like his own hands). He remembered events and saw his son grow. He was a single father with trials and tribulations and remembered them all. He told me that things were more modern but didn't feel it was the future but more like another realm.
Since that night he has been having dreams like this every night, all night long. He is not getting rest. He sleeps but he says he feels like he is living a life when he sleeps and then he wakes up and lives this one with no sleep in-between. He can not take sleeping meds as they always tend to cause nightmares he can not wake from or they cause a type of paralysis during his sleep. He will try to wake knowing he is dreaming and he can not move his body. Even Melatonin does that. It is affecting his waking life and his well being. It feels like he is suffering sleep deprivation. He is depressed and seeing things from the corner of his eye that are not there.  Has anyone experienced living other lives in vivid dream night after night like my husband?
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Inability to sleep could be problems with initiating sleep or maintaining sleep is called insomnia. The first step would be to rule the causes for insomnia like sleep disorders. Next it is treated with both medical and non medical therapy. Medical (sedatives) are given in the temporary initial phase, but as he is sensitive to sedatives, he can avoid the same. Non medical measures like sleep hygiene, relaxation therapy, stimulus control, and sleep restriction which are referred to as cognitive behavioral therapies can help restore normal sleep. So, I would advise him to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. If needed he may refer to a sleep specialist.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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