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24 year old male- chronic sleepiness/feeling depressed

I am a control room operator. I work alone. I work 12 hour rotating shifts. Usually 7 nights in a row with 2 days off then 7 days in a row with 2 days off. I normally get around 7 hours of sleep a night. Throughout the day I go through debilitating bouts of sleepiness. This makes it hard to drive, work or focus on tasks.  Additionally, I get frequent hot flashes and dizzy spells.I also feel depressed sometimes.  I have no known health issues. I have been to my doctor and all they did was prescribe Meclizine for dizziness and antibiotics. My BP was 140/90 something.  Does anyone have any ideas?
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The shift work makes things tough, but you'll do yourself a favor by establishing the most consistent sleep-wake schedule possible.  Esp important is a consistent wake time 7 days a week as that regulates your body clock.  Get up and get going without sleeping in or napping later.  Experiment with bed time until you find  your sweet spot, not too much and not too little time in bed.  Sounds like 7 isn't enough.
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Just got lab results back. They told me my testosterone levels were low. They didnt say how low but said we would discuss treatment at my next appointment.
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