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My sleep don't induce at night but feel sleepy at day time thus disturbing my working days.I want to start with Rozerem for inducing sleep.I wish to take this medication for a month or two and discontinue and get my sleep naturally as usual.Can the sleep disorder rebound after discontinuation? I've also been taking sertraline since many years,could these two drugs interact,if yes what are the effects?
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Hi, Thanks for your query.
For your sleep disorder, as far as possible avoid any sleep inducing medication.
Try to get natural sleep by doing relaxation exercises, meditation, yoga etc.
Natural sleep is always better.
You can modify your diet plan with more of fibres, vegetables and fruits. Do not take heavy meals at night. Also you can do normal to moderate exercises in the evening and some aerobic exercises in the morning to get a good sleep.

Wish you healthy and natural sleep.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

As indicated it is better to avoid medications to promote sleep, as the symptoms are likely to bounce back once you discontinue the medication. Besides hypnotic  medications like rozerem are best taken under the guidance of a specialist. However, there is no known interaction between rozerem and sertraline. You could try and adopt good sleep hygiene measures like going to bed at the same time, waking up at the same time, avoidance of alcohol, smoking and caffeinated beverages. Try and maintain a warm, comfortable bedroom environment and engage in relaxing activities like a warm bath before bed time.

Hope This Helped and Do Keep Us Posted.
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