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Any link between sleep apnea, tinnitus and some chest pain?

I am a 34 years guy who is experiencing tinnitus since a year, sleep apnea since  7 years and some mild chest pain near my left arm since 10 year . The tinnitus is continual and a kind of quiet sound: i do not notice it until it get quiet around, but sometimes i get a louder but shorter tinnitus only on one ear (left or right). The sleep apnea is (as far as i remember) is very rare, i remember waking up looking for air like 5 ou 7 times during all these years. But i do acknowledge my sleep quality is no longer the same. As for the chest pain, it makes me feel a bit fatigued, I am used to workout more or less regularly. I went to more than 3 doctors (cardiologists) along these years, but didn't help. The last time, the doctor said my heart was beating a bit quicker (93 bps), he gave me some medications i did not take, because i argued with him that i ride a bike just before the checkup. Anyway.

Who has experience something similar or has some insight on what is going wrong and to proceed?
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I don't have sleep apnea. I do have tinnitus.
I used to have chest pain, heart palpitations and other symptoms.

Check your Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

D must be at least 50ng or 125nmol
B12 must be at least 500, closer to 1,000

Magnesium is is needed for many functions. Will ease pain, heart flutters etc.

Stay hydrated and eat/drink enough foods with potassium to keep electrolytes balanced.
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