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Barely Functioning

Hello people,

I was just wondering if I could get a little advice, or some thoughts as to what's wrong with me. Basically, I sleep up to 16 hours at a time. I set multiple alarms and I simply don't hear them. I've also been told that if someone tries to stir me, I become hostile, not aggressive, but notably unpleasant, which isn't usually in my nature. I have no recollection of having waken at all when I'm told about it.

I feel as though I'm becoming a slave to my body. In order to keep any sort of appointment I need to stay awake through the night as I just can't trust myself and have indeed missed several important meetings, deliveries and phone calls because I simply can't wake up. Which, of course. can't be healthy and often makes me feel ill.

I'm not too sure if this is a symptom, a cause or non-related, but my mood tends to sway to extremes. Sometimes I can be quite merry, brimming with confidence and 'the life of the party' so to speak, others I just feel dejected and crave solitude. Due to the latter, I tend to be quite nocturnal. Sharing a house with friends, this is the only time I can really be alone.

After a bad experience with a patronising docter, I've simply soldiered on with whatever this is. I was basically told that I was 'wasting his time' and shooed away. As the work I do is centered around weekly deadlines, it doesn't usually affect my productivity, but my personal life is suffering.

I want to be able to function in a more standard routine and hate being labeled as anti-social, lazy and unreliable due to an issue which feels beyond my control.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my problem.
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This is called hypersomnia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypersomnia, and I think it's something you really do have to get properly looked into by a doctor.  Can you ask friends or family who live locally if they can recommend a good GP, one who will be able to take sleep disorders seriously?  Sleeping 16 hours is something they should definitely sit up and notice, though yes, there are still plenty of crappy doctors around.  Keep a sleep diary for a month, it often helps to show them in black and white what the problem is.

Dawn simulation is worth a try for getting you up if alarms don't work (look at http://insearchofmornings.wordpress.com for more details on those), but seriously, find another doctor.  There could be any number of conditions causing this, and it could also be due to medication.
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I live a fair few miles away from my family so they don't really get to see it first hand. Friends in my house basically label it as a "lack of will power" and don't seem particularly willing to help.

I read up on hypersomnia. It soundss like it fits the bill. I guess the most logical course of action would be to bite the bullet and request a different GP...and hopefully get some help with getting back on track.

Thanks for the advice.
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