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Blacking Out Instead of Sleeping

I have been struggling with my sleep a lot over the past couple years.  Sometimes when I am in bed, I blackout and cannot wake up.  My body will feel numb when I wake up and I cannot move right away.  I won't remember what happened.  I will have slept through multiple alarms, phone calls, people knocking on my door, etc.  I often have a stomach ache when I wake up, sometimes so strong that I cannot get out of bed.  I feel dizzy and disoriented upon waking up.  It feels the same as passing out.  It doesn't feel like sleep at all and I'm often still tired when I wake up.  I used to have a problem with passing out while I was awake but that stopped when I found out I had a food allergy and adjusted my diet.  I checked with an allergist and I do not have any other allergies.  I don't know what else this could be or how to stop it.  I will black out sometimes for 12 or 14 hours and if I'm lucky it will only be a few hours but it's interfering with my attendance in school.  I don't know what to do and it is hard to find a doctor who will take this issue seriously because I am on HMO insurance and most doctors I have had tend to tell me every health problem I have is normal or to go to the emergency room when it gets bad.  The most doctors do is prescribe me pills that make me feel sick all the time but I can't find a doctor that will find out what is actually wrong with me.  
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Your description isn't a sleeping problem, and I hope you HMO has or will give you a full physical exam, including  full set of blood tests.  I read there is a big problem and medical testing seems to be the only path forward.

Good luck.
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