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Breathing Problem

Sir, I have a breathing problem while sleep. I could not breathe easily at nights. I often affected by Cold like once in a week or twice in a week. I am normal at morning to evening, but after that i am experiencing cold with runny nose accompanied by the cough. I am also feeling some cold in my lungs while breathing ans also experiencing itchiness on nose, cheeks, and at my lungs.
At the time of sleep i am snoring, i am a man with good physic. I dont know why i am Snoring. Please somebody help me on this..
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Hi, welcome to the forum, it typically suggests allergic rhinitis which is exaggerated or precipitated during cold season or timing. This condition is sometimes associated with asthma.

The triggering factors like dust, fog, pollens etc. can cause the precipitation of these symptoms.

A careful nasal examination, Allergen-specific testing includes Skin testing, Serum tests for allergy, Allergen challenge and as well as Evaluation for concurrent conditions like Sinusitis and Asthma is necessary and it directs further steps for management.

You need to avoid the exposure by covering nose with a cloth, whenever you are exposed to dust or pollens. Respiratory antibiotics can help, if there is presence of secondary infection otherwise nasal saline, decongestants and anti histamine against prescription will help.

It should be differentiated from vasomotor rhinitis and Atrophic rhinitis for which consult ENT specialist. Take care and regards.

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