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Breathing stops, memory/ADD problems, terrible fatigue

Hi!  I have central sleep apnea/asthma which started it seems 2 years ago with chronic fatigue and O2 levels of about 73% (my FEV1 scores are also 73%).  I'm worried my brain cells are dying and I'm having severe chronic fatigue, memory/ADD loss, headaches and sometimes vertigo.  I have a neu cyst in my clivus.  I've tried bipap with O2 but it doesn't work that well and I'm getting 0% stage 3/4 sleep.  What caused my sleep apnea, memory/ADD problem and what can I possibly do?  Thanks so much!
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Get your breathing pathways checked, they need to scope your airways with a camera!

Buy choline, start eating magnesium,L-tyrosine, D-vitamins (double the dosage), Methylcobalamin 5000mcg a day, talk to your doc and ask him to prescribe ritalin (will probably aid your sleep). Melatonin will aid your sleep if you have issues falling asleep. You probably also have issues in you nostrals, then a cpap wont help without proper medication.

Then you will need this.


If this regime fails then modafinil will assist you also. But you need to treat your problems with a strict regime. Im not kidding here.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Central sleep apneas are caused due disorders or lesions in the brain. The peripheral system does not get the right impulses for respiration and hence the stoppage of respiration. As a result the person is aroused from sleep. For central apneas therapy is by treating the underlying cause and again SV BiPAP, could also be effective as it is pressure support ventilation. With improvement in oxygenation the other symptoms may resolve. Discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him next time.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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