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CFS or Narcolepsy??

When I was 10 it was thought that I might have narcolepsy. Although no doctor could ever diagnose this, I suffered for many years and eventually outgrew it. I am now 37 and realize my sleep issues are still affecting my life and are rapidly getting worse. I am not depressed. I do have stress and anxiety in my life, although most of us do. But no matter how much or how little sleep I get, I am never rested. I can take a hour nap at work around lunchtime and by 3pm be falling asleep again. I have extremely vivid dreams that I almost always remember. I wake 3 to 4 times a night. Wake up with headaches and am an absolute crab in the morning. I am planning on going to the doctor, but was curious on your thoughts here.
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It sounds like you have narcolepsy.  I myself have it and your story sounds very close to my experience with narcolepsy.  It can get dangerous, for example, if you're driving (it's happened to me!).  The vivid dreams is a symptom of narcolepsy.  Do you ever feel like you're half awake but you can't open your eyes?  What other symptoms are you having besides being unrested?  

I would definitely consult your physician or a sleep lab.  Good luck.
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Wow, this sounds EXACTLY like me. I've been dealing with exhaustion for the past 4 years and seen countless doctors. A lot of them try to tell me it's related to my depression, but I've had depression practically since I was in the womb--the fatigue I experience now is nothing like the kind of tiredness associated with depression. An infectious disease specialist told me last fall that he thought I had CFS (scary) but when I saw a rheumatologist who works with CFS patients, she thought I might have a sleep disorder. I'm getting a sleep study tomorrow night. Did you ever see a doctor?
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