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Can Someone Help Me ? I Have An Extreme Sleep Disorder.

I have a sleep problem that has been going on for years, and it's gotten worse. When I fall asleep. I'll suddenly wake up with heart racing, gasping for air, slight convulsions of my body,adrenaline head rush,and I yell, curse, and swear,every time. Sometimes I even get up from a dead sleep, with all the symptoms above, and I'll start running around circles in my bedroom...and than lay down again. This can happen 15-20 times a night. Usually it will happen for several nights in a row. But than i'm fine and have no problem, for a week or two. Than the cycle will start over again. And than i'm fine again. What is wrong with me ?? This has driven me to the point of insanity.
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Go see your doctor and get tested for sleep apnea.
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Yeaa... go to a professional doc
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I went through that. My Vitamin and minerals were deficient and the symptoms were really awful.

Get blood work to check your Vitamin D.
If low you'll need D3 supplements (never take D2).
Vitamin D needs to be at least 50ng/mL or 125nmoL in order to be optimal.

Magnesium is also needed and can promote sleep as well...it relaxes muscles.

I took Vitamin B12 to also help.

If you're taking B12 you cannot get an accurate blood test because you have to be off it for 4 months prior to testing.
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