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Can you help me figure my insomnia symptoms?

Hello all,

I've been suffering from insomnia for a couple of horrible months now.

Symptoms: Cant sleep until about 4am.

Took temazepam, sent me to sleep but would walk up 2 & 4am. Could sleep a few nights off temazepam but then had to take 2 a night just to doze off.

Now on STILNOX CR (slow release). Worked good 1st night, but not so good as time went. About 5th night couldnt doze off even taking 1 STILNOX. Had to take a temazepam to help.

THE PROBLEM is that when I start to doze off, be it under the drugs or natural, I suddenly reach FULL WAKEFULNESS again. Happens sometimes 3 or 4 times until its 2am and I take a .temazepam,

Also feel 'hung over' most days.

Can someone help me diagnose my symptoms so I got more ammunition to talk to the docs with and research on the net?

The strange thing is the dozing off and suddenly reaching full wakefulness again. I think that the key.

I do also feel tired before I doze off and then reach wakefulness again.
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Further Info:

Sorry forgot to include. The Insomnia started AFTER I had a server stomach ache for 24 hours requiring doctor assistance.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Please don't venture to take sedatives and controlled substances without the supervision of a doctor. Besides, drug-drug interactions, we never know the metabolism status unless tests have been done to justify their prescription. Inability to sleep could be problems with initiating sleep or maintaining sleep is called insomnia. Problems with breathing (Obstructive sleep apnea), certain medications, restless leg movements and sleep walking/talking could contribute to insomnia. Follow good sleep hygiene measures like going to bed at the same time, waking up at the same time, avoidance of alcohol, smoking and caffeinated beverages. Please consult your primary care physician if problem persists.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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