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Cannot Sleep Mind Busy - Stress...

Hey, I'm a 38 year old that used to have no trouble sleeping at all. Gosh I could sleep instantly and loved it. But for 11 years we kept our sick child alive. After about 9 year of that sleep became an elusive ghost. My mind is constantly racing and stress... *WOW* even small amounts cause me to wide awake.

We lost everything we own from keeping our daughter alive in 2011. It's taken us about a year to get to the point where we could afford rent. We have applied a few times for houses we like but we actually got one yesterday. Last night I couldn't sleep at all. I mean, *ZILCH* sleep.

I take to 200 to 300 mg of Trazadone. 10mg of Diazapam and then Tizanadine for back spasms that affect me all day long but I can only take the MR's at night because they make me so tired.

The kicker is that *NOTHING* turns my mind off. Nothing. Last night I was thinking about 1000 things.

The really weird thing is that I often find myself in this exhausting state where my body is kind of asleep but my mind is racing, and racing and racing. I'll wake up every few hours from that knowing that I'm not really sleeping and that something else is going on.

I take 60mg of morphine sulphate 3 times a day for serious back spasms and I just wonder what the heck happened to me.

The slightest stress and I'm full-on doing an all nighter.

Would it be good for me to get up and stay up until I'm really tired? I can do that and it works but it leaves me more tired during the day and the next night it won't matter. No sleep. That is unless I want to stay up until 1 again.

I also thing I'm mildly, very mildly autistic because change even the slightest bit stresses me out really bad.

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I do have central apnea and I have since I was born. I remember as I kid waking up from night terrors and even now I have them every once in a while. Horrific nightmares that I don't even like to repeat.

Should I see my doctor who prescribed my sleep apnea and CPAP? Is that the right kind of doctor?

I'm so tired of being tired. ;o) Thank you for your response. I'm super thankful for this message board.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand what you are going through. You should not use sedatives indiscriminately. Besides, drug-drug interactions, we never know the metabolism status unless tests have been done to justify their prescription. Either way to most of the sedatives (sleeping tablets), people develop tolerance, that is they stop working very effectively with time.

You seem to have chronic insomnia and you should get professional help. The first step would be to rule the causes for insomnia like sleep disorders. Next it is treated with both medical and non medical therapy. Medical (sedatives) are given in the temporary initial phase, this is combined with non medical measures like sleep hygiene, relaxation therapy, stimulus control, and sleep restriction which are referred to as cognitive behavioral therapies. As the non medical measures help to restore your sleep rhythm, the sedatives are withdrawn. So, I would advise you to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. He may then ask for a sleep study called polysomnography for further evaluation. Take Care.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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