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Can't sleep at night, only during day time

In the beginning of the year I started taking fluoxetin 40mg for mild depression, since then, I feel like I'm a hypochondriac with sleep disorders. I keep searching on the internet for what I "have" but I can't find anything.
What happens to me is that I usually can't sleep at night, I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back sleeping, but then I fall sleepy during the morning. I'm always sleepy. Or, sometimes, I go to bed at 6pm and sleep until 8am. It is really something I can't explain, It feels like I making this up, but I'm not.
Since depression or even before, I always slept a lot, I used to need 9h/10h hours sleep at night, but I never had had this kind of insomnia/hypersomnia symptoms. It is driving me crazy. And now, just to help, I moved to UK (I'm from a tropical country) and since two days ago I can't get out of bed or I fall sleep during the day. I'm not feeling depressed or sad... please help.
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can you precisely tell me about this thing where i am unable to sleep at night and in the morning i sleep even if i dont want to. sometimes i do sleep at night only to wake up myself within 2 hours! then whole night passes and i sleep during day time. please tell me exact remedy for this. thankyou.
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I have similar condition. I can only trace it back to when i was 14-15 when i was prescribed depression medication, i took it for about a month and stooped because it made me sleep heavily during the day and conflicted with me going to school. im 24 now and  ever since then i have developed a condition where i don't sleep at night only during the day. I have tried to reset my "internal clock" as they say, by staying awake for 24 or 48 hrs then sleep at night. it will work for 3 or 4 days my body gets tired at night, but slowly i find my self going back to the old habit.
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Hi, your symptoms are suggestive of insomnia. It is important to categorize the type of insomnia, which can be done after noting detailed history.  Insomnia usually constitutes impaired daytime function due to difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, chronically nonrestorative sleep, or poor quality sleep.

In your case there is presence of difficulty in onset of sleep, impaired day time function (sleepy whole day) etc. Insomnia is also commonly associated with fatigue or malaise, poor attention or concentration, Social or vocational dysfunction, Mood disturbance and reduced motivation or energy.

Your condition also needs to be differentiated from Sleep deprivation wherein it is milder form. Use of Fluoxetine is associated with insomnia in 10-30 % patients.

The initial steps you need to take is sleep hygiene education, stimulus control, relaxation, sleep restriction, cognitive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, phototherapy, and chronotherapy. These therapies can be prescribed by clinicians at any level but it can be better implemented by sleep specialist.

Medical therapy involves use of benzodiazepines, Nonbenzodiazepines, Melatonin agonist or Diphenhydramine against prescription for short duration.

I suggest you to consult physician/sleep specialist for further management. Take care and regards.
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Hey i dont know why but i am unable to sleep at night... the off chance i can fall asleep at night when i am so tired it hurts to be awake i usually can only sleep for about 3 - 4 hours until i awake  wide awake as if i had just slept for days or if im in the same tired situation (so tired it hurts to be awake) i will occasionally be watching television or a movie while laying down and i will fall asleep for about 45 minutes to an hour and once again just to awaken wide awake the 2nd described example i will always waken with dampness from sweating and rapidly beating heart as if i had just went for a run. In both examples however I am NEVER able to fall back asleep. The most common problem I have though is the inability to sleep until late morning hours/early afternoon hours (this can always be achieved even if i have a 3 - 4 hour nap or  a 45 minute - an hour nap the night before. Usually the napping occurs once a week to once every 2 weeks while the 3rd problem is a 100% everyday/night. I am fairly active with work however actual exercise (jogging, lifting, stretching, etc) I am a little less active than i would like to admit... but even when i use to play football in high school i still suffered from such problems except instead of 9 - 10 am sleep i would fall asleep at 3 - 4 in the morning. It seems as i get older the hours are just getting pushed back and when i was younger i never napped. I thought for a while it was a combination of heavy marijuana and caffeine use but then i stopped drinking tea and switched to water and stopped smoking to pass a drug test and the problems remain just as bad if not worse (kind of think the pot helped and the caffeine doesnt make much difference i can drink a half gallon of tea or a 24 ounce energy drink at 8 am and still fall sleep at 9 or 10 am no problem). I am a 22 year old male caucasian ethnicity if that means a damn and i also have many symptoms of social anxiety and have asked my family doctor about my anxiety issues and he told me i was too young for him to want to prescribe me meds which is nice cause i was would like to be able to kick this problem naturally but with that said i have tried mediation techniques and listening to calm music keeping my room dim before i try to sleep no positive results. I guess I should also include that when i do fall sleep in the morning around 9 or 10 i can wake up at at anytime if i set an alarm and feel fine but im starting to get a fatigue look under my eyes and people at work comment that "i dont look well". When i fall asleep at 9 or 10 and i do not have an alarm set or  i dont have to work i can sleep from anywhere to 3 in the afternoon to 8 30 in the evening sometimes i try to get up early in the hope to be able to get to sleep at night but this usually just cause one of my napping situations to arise. Even with a lack of sleep i am still extremely alert at work/school and at a more efficient level than anyone else i work with maybe this is why i have ignored the problem over the passed 8 years but half the times it feels like my brain and body are in a fight my body wants to sleep but my brain refuses to slow down giving me a tired sluggish appearance especially later in the day. im tired of being tired,  sorry for rambling .... just desperate at this point for some input and trying to cover all corners of this mess even though i doubt anyone will read this book of a comment haha
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hey i dont know where to get my information from but i cant sleep during the night what so ever , like ill go to bed and everything and as hard as i try to sleep i just wont fall, the only time i sleep id during the day ...im up all night every night and i haven't slept during the night since i was 15 im now nearly 18 so nearly 3 years i have been sleeping during the day instead of the night time, even when i go to college i feel im going to fall asleep , because i have to stay awake to go to college just because i cant sleep , this is affecting my health alot because iv been know to not sleep for 5-9 days in a row before, how am i supoosed to cope with the amount of lack of sleep that i have, i barly sleep and when i do sleep i sleep for a long time, the longest i have actually slept for without waking up is 2 hours and i have to put up with this everyday of my life... is that a sleeping disorder, pease contact me on my email  its xx-baybee-x-leigh-***@****
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I am 78. i take alprozalam 0.75 to 1 mg. I also wake up at about 4 am.I try some yoga ,relaxation some mild exercises and if sleepy i sleep for an hour or so. I take a nap at 2pm.for one our or so.
I started with 0.25 mg. and I am taking 1 mg. Itried to reduce it but it does not work.I started this drug 1991.Before that also i used to take other drugs.It is a chronic affair.
During all there years i have searched for some alternative therapy, yoga, acupresure massage, meditation,and almost everything. still i need to take drug every night.
I wish I get 8 hrs sleep without any drug. my search is continuing.
I have hypothyrodism, tight feet(sole) feelings, Age related macular deterioration ( making reading most difficult-i use magnifying glass to read) and deafness(use hearing Aid)
It seems I am from another planet not responding to any drugs or therapy. available on this earth. the search is going on. If you happen to get some thing pleas let me know.
Try yoga or some alternative treatment. atleast you will feel that you are doing something on your on.
I have heard about Oaone therapy. You may search in the web. It available at your place try it. Keep me posted. I will post to you if I find something. Recently I have started Urine therapy.It did help me for my acicity and constipation. I hope it cures other thing as well. enough material is available  on the web or urotherapy(urine therapy)
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