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Chronic insomnia 3 years. Fall asleep fine just wake and unable to go back

My original issue was health anxiety. The med they put me on caused the insomnia and further anxiety.  Anxiety is under control just haven’t gotten my sleep back and day time is a struggle with tiredness dizziness and fatigue
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Could be many reasons for this, best to first discuss with your doc.  Also consider using a CBT sleep training program for a comprehensive supportive structure.
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morpheus - i don't have an answer but i am struggling with the same thing.  my chronic insomnia started up out of the blue and has been going on for 3 months now.  i feel so terrified at times because like u i can fall asleep but am jerked awake by the most bizarre sensations in my body and massive terror.
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Have you considered talking to your doctor about the insomnia? There are other anxiety meds you can try. Don't stop the medication without first talking to your doctor. Some anxiety meds can have severe symptoms if you stop them too quickly.

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I have tried three different antidepressants and 3 different Benzodiazapines.  Most antidepressants made my sleep worse. Benzos may give me an extra hour or two but next day side effects are awful.  I have been off all for several months now.  Have been able to improve sleep with Cognitive behavior techniques as well as things including therapy. Now the crazy intense dreams cause interrupted sleep and reduce the quality.  Just trying to get over the hump on next day symptoms of some dizziness and fatigue.which varies.  Its nice sharing feedback and ideas with others in a similar situation.  Thanks
Have you considered going to a sleep doctor or sleep clinic?

Are you on any other meds that may be causing the crazy dreams?

Sleep issues suck. :(
Went to a Sleep specialist that definitely helped me gain more sleep hours but not consistently yet. Also reading a book from a DR Orma with great insight.  So progress for sure. I think I will need to have a consistent streak of good nights for over a couple weeks before the day time symptoms drop off.  I feel the sleep meds were more of a problem than help.  I think the dreams may be a rem rebound as I gain my sleep back.  I am hoping they drop off.  Also trying techniques that can help control the intensity of dreams so they are not so anxiety themed.
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