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Creatures at night

Hello everyone,

I'm a male student, 20 years old. Since I was 8 I've been seeing creatures at night in my room, it usually happens after waking up from a nightmare (And in the nightmare I would see the creature that I see after waking up from it).

I had this for more than 12 years now, and I'm used to it, but this is not the problem.. The problem is that mine is very different that what other people are seeing. I can touch them, feel them, physically as if they're an object or a live thing. I've seen so many of them, so many that I can't list in a book, so I will explain one of these experiences that happened to me long time ago.

It was midnight, and usually I would see them every night and I actually saw them the other night, so I asked my mother to sleep in her room, and I did. So I fell asleep, it was a nightmare that I saw at first, this creature hurting me in the dream, and then I woke up. I saw a black cat in front of me, sitting on my mother's arm (My mother was sleeping on her side next to me). The cat was so close to me by about 20 inches and it was staring at me.

Cat's sitting position example: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6852DQfcTic/Tw-vMEt9B_I/AAAAAAAAFL8/UWtDPT7juu8/s1600/stencil-cat-sitting-550x538.gif

I was so scared but it wasn't the first weird thing that I saw, I thought of touching it since I never did that before, so I did and I felt it. When I touched the cat it moved backward and forward exactly like those punching bags (the ones that are filled with something like sand at the bottom), and it kept going like that, it scared the hell out of me so I shouted, my mother woke up and the cat disappeared.

Another thing that happened to me in my room when I was a kid. I was sleeping in my room with my brother (we used to share the same room). As usual I had a nightmare with this creature hurting me in it, so I woke up from it but I was chained, I couldn't move an inch, my hands and legs were tied up. My body started rising into the ceiling, I tried to scream but I couldn't and I felt so weak at that moment, so while I was being risen up into the ceiling, I was somehow able to hold into my bed sheet with one of my hands, so my body stopped rising and I was in the air for a few seconds, then suddenly I was going down slowly until my body was completely in my bed. I was able to move. I ran like a feather outside my room, and on my way out I stepped on something that felt like ropes, I ignored it and kept running away. So I went towards the stairs and went upstairs until I reached halfway of the stairs. I was staring at my room's door from the stairs and I was so scared. The door was moving, making a cracking sound (closing and opening, not completely but just moving as if there is a wind going inside the room, but there wasn't). I ended up sleeping in my mother's room that night and other things kept happening in her room (noises), and she was able to hear it with me, my mother was also scared when she heard the noises.

Just to clear things out, most of these things happened in an old house that we used to live in, and we actually moved from there because of what was happening to me.

I don't think this is a sleeping disorder. I've seen animals, skeletons, defaced animals/creatures, even objects. I sometimes have visions when I close my eyes, as clear as a video of weird things, sometimes things that look like ancient letters, or a vision of some people doing things, or just weird things that I can't explain. Not all of these experiences were after going to sleep, I had some when I was totally awake sitting alone.

I'm not seeking for help because I know for a fact that this thing cannot be fixed, I just want to know if there are other people having the same experience, or had it before.

Thanks for reading.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Your symptoms of seeing things could be due to  sleep disorders “Nightmare” or "Night terror" disorders . Here the person experiences symptoms of bad, frightening dreams which interfere with his sleep schedules. This can be assessed by a sleep questionnaire and therapy is based on the severity of symptoms.

Disorders related to dreaming could occur with REM sleep behavior disorders. Here the person acts out the dreams. This is diagnosed with a sleep study. Please consult your primary care physician if problem persists.

In the meantime, follow good sleep hygiene measures like going to bed at the same time, waking up at the same time, smoking and caffeinated beverages. Maintain warm, comfortable bedroom environment and engage in relaxing activities like a warm bath before bed time. This will reduce the severity of your symptoms.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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