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Do I have a type of sleep paralysis?

Whenever I hear about sleep paralysis I often hear similar symptoms such as not being able to move your body or speak, and being awake from your sleep with your eyes open. People with this condition would also feel or see an "evil" presence around them. However in my case, my eyes are shut, I'm able to make noise from my mouth, I don't feel any danger around me, but my body feels rigid while I know I'm conscious. There's always a strange feeling whenever this occurs. My brain feels as if it were "falling," not my body but my brain; losing consciousness and not being able to move a muscle. This feeling has always worried me, it may sound corny but I thought my soul was leaving my body. The falling sensation was like being in a hallucination and I've always felt really dizzy. The only way I always break free from sleeping was literally gathering enough strength to move a muscle in my fingers. Being in panic mode, I was forcing my arms to move and eventually my legs as well. My eyes were still closed and I was still feeling the falling sensation.  After being able to slide my arm an inch across my bed, I intended to force my muscles in my whole body to move and eventually my neck convulsed with erratic twitching motion and I finally opened my eyes. The scariest moment is being afraid to actually lose all consciousness. My earliest recollection of this condition was when I was around 6, which when I think about it now is pretty scary and abnormal. If I would have to guess the total amount of times this happened, it would probably be around 10. This obviously doesn't occur occasionally. Recently I wanted to take a nap and was very tired, but when this condition recurred I actually wanted to sleep more, so when I still had my eyes closed, I was able to tap my hand on my bed just to make sure I wouldn't "lose consciousness" and to actually open my eyes whenever I could. But eventually my drowsiness grew on me and I accidently slipped into the falling sensation again, not being able to move my body.
I broke free of course but I got tired of this event recurring so I went out to see if anyone shared the same experience like I had. But most of the time, it's always the same description with people's eyes closed and sensing danger near them, which isn't part of what I felt. If what I'm dealing with is actually sleep paralysis but my symptoms are acually different, then my question is solved; simple. If not, I'll be glad to know what I'm dealing with.
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Sounds like sleep paralysis, and if so, rest assured it's considered harmless.  But see a doc for a full workup for a definitive diagnosis.
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