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Do I possibly have some form of Narcolepsy?

Hello. I am a 23-year-old female, usually active and energetic. For the past couple of weeks, however, I have hardly been able to stay awake for more than a couple of hours. Today, for example, I got 7 hours of sleep last night, woke up to take my daughter to school, went back to sleep until it was time to get her, then immediately passed out on the couch without at all trying to (and without eating all day). I didn't wake up for 4-5 hours, and I will not have any trouble going to sleep tonight. If I had the opportunity, every day for the past week or two would have been like this.

I also am having trouble remembering what I was going to do next. For instance, I will walk into a room for a specific purpose, then just stand there. This is not like me at all. I am usually the most organized person you'd ever meet and never forget things like this.

Is it possible I have developed some minor form of Narcolepsy? My husband is very worried, thinking it might even have something to do with the brain. This is not like me at all!

Thank you in advance for any input!
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Narcolepsy involves sudden urges of sleep and at inappropriate places. The person takes a nap and wakes up feeling fresh. This happens in the daytime. The night time sleep is more often than not, disturbed.

I do not think you have narcolepsy. I note that you also have some trouble remembering small tasks. And I guess you are not motivated enough to do routine work also. I understand that this was not the case earlier.

I would like to ask if you have been feeling low these days ? Do you feel you have lost interest in activities you earlier used to enjoy. This problem has started just recently. Did any particular event happen ?

Have you consulted any doctor yet ?

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If you think it is narcolepsy, ask your doctor for a sleep study and/or a MSLT (mutli-sleep latency test).  I was refered to a neurologist and he suggested these two sleep studies.  Thank goodness!  For 18 years I went to numerous doctors and specialists.  Finally, I am getting some relief with medications.  At least, if you do not have narcolepsy, you can rule this out and go on from there.  I have narcolepsy without cataplexy.  I really do not have very many symptoms except for the excessive daytime sleepiness and occasional mild night-time hallucinations (mostly audible).  

Hope this helps!  Good luck.
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Hi, how are you now. Yes you should keep yourself engaged in one or other activity you usually like or love to do, share more time with near or dear ones with whom you don't feel lonely, have nutritious diet, morning and evening walk. Inspite of this if symptoms persist, do consult your doctor for complete check up. Take care.
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Hi, hope you are doing well. How about your plans to visit your doctor. You need to get an evaluation rather than continue your symptoms. Keep updating your thoughts. Take care.
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