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Dreams/Nightmares that feel real and I can't wake myself up

Okay, So every now and then I will have a dream or dreams that really scare me. Pretty much its a dream I'm having and I'm myself... in my bed. In my dream I will open my eyes and see human figures but usually I can't tell who it is. If I can't its dark like a shadow. Sometimes its one, or sometimes it a few figures. These dreams/visions always happen just as I'm falling asleep (ya know when your mind starts to wonder right before you doze off, eyes are closed and everythign but you are still conscious).... that stage is when I realize that I'm about to have one of these scary dreams. so I'll either opt to stay awake or turn the lights on for a minute then try to sleep again. The most recent one I had, I was asleep in my bed with my boyfriend...in the dream I opened my eyes and I saw out of the corner of my room a strange figure of a man walking towards my bed.... I cant do anything, I cant move and I can't talk... at this point I'm scared and I know I am ony dreaming. Well I try to wake my self up I try so hard to be able to speak and call my boyfriends name... and this is all while i'm asleep... that right as I wake up I blurt out a noise( the kidna noise you would make if you were trying really hard at something but not saying anything and then all of a sudden noise comes out) It's so frustrating. And in the dream I feel paralyzed like I can't even get up and run. All I can do is lay there... and If I don't wake up before the person gets to me... I can feel the "person" on top of me... literally..I feel their breathe... I feel it all... and what gets me is I KNOW I'm dreaming... and i try to wake up but I cant. and even though I'm aware that I'm dreaming I still know that I'm feeling whoever is on my bed or whatever)
The first time I had one of these very realistic dreams was a couple years ago the night after I drank mooshine for the first time.... ha yeah. (Basically I had a really bad case of the spins alll day the next day and I felt completely out of whack) Well that night as I just went to sleep I was dreaming that I was driving a car and the wheel starting to slowly turn to the left and right as I was about to hit a car my body jerked and I woke up. I stayed awake for a min or 2 then went back to sleep... thats when it all went down hill. The next dream I had... I was in my bed (by the way all these dreams are from my point of view...1st person) and I woke up to see a frightening girl with long black stringy hair and a horrible face, on her hands and knees on top of me just looking at me and breathing heavily.... I swear to god it felt so real.... The only thing I could think to do was hide under the blanket... but right before i drew the balnket over my eyes she slowly, very slowy moved her face inwards towards me. I knew I was dreaming but I could not wake up... Well once I did wake up... well I thought I did... I looked to the left of my bed and there was a about 3 people just sitting in my room... it didnt scare me at first cuz I thought I was awake and I figured maybe it is some freiends surprsiing me... but just as I tried to get a closer look a person who was laying on the floor next to my bed sat up right in my face! It scared the livivng **** outta me. that's when I really for real woke up. Anways I couldnt go back to sleep for a few hours I was a little frightened... I felt as though I would get stuck in a dream like that... And I wanted to avoid haveing another one like that again... I did go to sleep that night however all of the lights in my room were on....
I know this is really long. But I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same thing or something similar. I'eve had more but I don't want to write a whole novel here but if someone can relate then please let me know!
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I am having reoccuring dream that involves the feeling of paraylisis.  It's very terrifying and real feeling.  It does seem to come also when I'm laying on my back, but have had it laying on my stomach.  I am gasping for air, kicking and screaming.  After I wake up, I see a black flying object that looks like bug fly away.  I also feel a bad ceasure shaking feeling during my dream.  I am also screaming that I want to live and please don't take me from my family.  I've had it for 7 years now.  I hate it and wish I didn't have to sleep sometimes.  It is also when I'm falling alseep.
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i've been having the same experience as you.
i will be getting ready to go to bed and right as i fall asleep still kind of awake. i sleep with a lamp on.. and i will get stuck in one of those dreams. first i feel paralyzed and i can't move or talk. and then i hear stuff in the background. it has been re occuring alot lately and the first time it happened it was the worst i didn't believe it was a dream at first but now that i have it all the time i noticed it was. the first time it happened i had falled asleep with my lights on and the door closed. with headphones and music playing in my ears and i had "woken up" to take my headphones out and i noticed my lights were off and the door was shut.. i thought maybe my mom had came upstars and closed the door and shut off my light.. so i went back to bed and i felt myself beeing lifted out of my bed and layed down on my floor and i could hear people talking but i couldnt do anything not talk or move i was screaming in my head and trying to get out of my room then i felt myself being put back on my bed and i immediatley woke up with the lighs on and the door open.. but my head phones were where i had put them. i don't know how to explain it. i got very scared and criied. and went downstars to my mom and slept down there. she didn't believe what i had to saay.. but i have been having the same night mare since that was like last year. and everytime im being sat up by something. its very scary. and i'm glad that i'm not the only one having this problem
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I once had a dream that was VERY similar.

The night that I had my dream my little sister was sleeping in my bed with me because she's scared of the dark. In my dream I thought I had woken up because I heard something, but I wasn't sure what. I opened my eyes but then realized I couldn't move. I could feel my sister lying down next to me so I tried to call her name or move my arm a bit so that she could wake up and let my mom know that something was wrong with me, but when I opened my mouth to speak nothing came out.

I suddenly felt terrified, and I assumed I was so scared because something was wrong with me, but then I noticed a dark figure walking into my room from the hallway (I always keep my bedroom door open at night and I can see all the way down the hallway from my bed). Somehow I realized that the pure terror I was feeling (because it was a fear like nothing I have ever felt before, I thought I would die of the fear alone) was not because something was wrong with me, but because of this figure that was slowly coming into my room.

All I can remember of the figure was that it was a tall, pale man with bright, crystal blue eyes that seemed to glow with their brightness and that he just FELT evil...I don't know how to explain that feeling, but I sensed an evil aura. I couldn't look away from his eyes as he stepped up to the foot of my bed and then he started floating over me, his face getting nearer and nearer (meanwhile I was stuck staring at his eyes which seemed to be some sort of blue flame). As his face got closer, I snapped my eyes open and was finally awake, sobbing and terrified.

Lets just say this, I had this when I was 16 years old and I went running and sobbing to my mother and could not sleep for the rest of the night. In fact, I remained terrified of my bedroom for about a week afterward (even though I didn't let anyone know this). Even remembering this dream in order to retell it still somewhat creeps me out...

Now, one my friends (who I had never told about this nightmare) had an EXTREMELY similar one, which I found out about today. I would explain hers too, but it would be too lengthy a post. It was extremely similar to mine though.

I only had this nightmare once, but I will never forget it.
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I been reading these stories and i can so relate to this. I thought i was the only one having these horrible dreams. I am some what religious and i am terrified that this is an evil demon or some kind of evil entity. I also noticed i have these dreams when i accidently fall asleep on my back face up. I usually sleep on my stomach. In my dreams i am always aware that i am awake and try to scream my moms name or someone near to shake me and wake me up. In the dream i am always getting choked ,and i can't see the face of whats choking me but i can feel it on my body and i can feel its hands and hear it breath. This thing does not sound human. On one dream i had i felt like something was choking me and some kind of evil force that i couldnt see was taking over my body , and im saying to my self if i dont wake up this thing is gonna take over me. So i start saying in the name of the Lord jesus christ help me out and when i said that i felt more pressure on my neck and whole body especially my chest felt like it was gonna burst I heard a faint ulgy scream and then woke up. On another dream i was going downstairs to get something to drink and on my way back almost close to the stairs something grabbed me from my neck behind me , and i couldnt see what it was but i could hear it breathing on me. It dragged me down to the ground by my neck and i felt like my chest was gonna burst so again i start saying in the name of the Lord let this thing let go of me and this time it let go and i woke up. I havent had one of these dreams in maybe a month almost 2 months but when i do have them i have the like a few weeks straight then they stop for a long time. I dont know what to do ,but i am terrified to have another one again and i try not to fall asleep on my back but sometimes i just fall asleep like that. Any help or any suggestions will be helpful.
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I have had this well i dont know if it is a dream or real. It feels real and it happened last night. I am asleep i have someone or something tugging at my blankets. I pull them back and then whatever pulls after. It came to the point where i just kicked the blankets of because it was annoying,(Ithink i kicked them of). I tried to yell, "Dont", which sounded to me like a long slow muffled, "dont", i try to open my eyes with all my strengh and they open slightly yet i just cannot open them properly, whilst trying to pull my blankets I am sure i felt an arm. This has been happening for years but hasnt happened for about six months until last night. It is so scary as it feels real and i am sure it is. When i wake up i am just lost and dont know whether it happened or not.
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Alright people, this is called sleep paralysis. I had it awhile ago. It is caused by lying on your back a lot and having bad sleep habits, life-time changes. You know stress and everything. Look it up. It will tell you most likely how to stop it.
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