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Dreams/Nightmares that feel real and I can't wake myself up

Okay, So every now and then I will have a dream or dreams that really scare me. Pretty much its a dream I'm having and I'm myself... in my bed. In my dream I will open my eyes and see human figures but usually I can't tell who it is. If I can't its dark like a shadow. Sometimes its one, or sometimes it a few figures. These dreams/visions always happen just as I'm falling asleep (ya know when your mind starts to wonder right before you doze off, eyes are closed and everythign but you are still conscious).... that stage is when I realize that I'm about to have one of these scary dreams. so I'll either opt to stay awake or turn the lights on for a minute then try to sleep again. The most recent one I had, I was asleep in my bed with my boyfriend...in the dream I opened my eyes and I saw out of the corner of my room a strange figure of a man walking towards my bed.... I cant do anything, I cant move and I can't talk... at this point I'm scared and I know I am ony dreaming. Well I try to wake my self up I try so hard to be able to speak and call my boyfriends name... and this is all while i'm asleep... that right as I wake up I blurt out a noise( the kidna noise you would make if you were trying really hard at something but not saying anything and then all of a sudden noise comes out) It's so frustrating. And in the dream I feel paralyzed like I can't even get up and run. All I can do is lay there... and If I don't wake up before the person gets to me... I can feel the "person" on top of me... literally..I feel their breathe... I feel it all... and what gets me is I KNOW I'm dreaming... and i try to wake up but I cant. and even though I'm aware that I'm dreaming I still know that I'm feeling whoever is on my bed or whatever)
The first time I had one of these very realistic dreams was a couple years ago the night after I drank mooshine for the first time.... ha yeah. (Basically I had a really bad case of the spins alll day the next day and I felt completely out of whack) Well that night as I just went to sleep I was dreaming that I was driving a car and the wheel starting to slowly turn to the left and right as I was about to hit a car my body jerked and I woke up. I stayed awake for a min or 2 then went back to sleep... thats when it all went down hill. The next dream I had... I was in my bed (by the way all these dreams are from my point of view...1st person) and I woke up to see a frightening girl with long black stringy hair and a horrible face, on her hands and knees on top of me just looking at me and breathing heavily.... I swear to god it felt so real.... The only thing I could think to do was hide under the blanket... but right before i drew the balnket over my eyes she slowly, very slowy moved her face inwards towards me. I knew I was dreaming but I could not wake up... Well once I did wake up... well I thought I did... I looked to the left of my bed and there was a about 3 people just sitting in my room... it didnt scare me at first cuz I thought I was awake and I figured maybe it is some freiends surprsiing me... but just as I tried to get a closer look a person who was laying on the floor next to my bed sat up right in my face! It scared the livivng **** outta me. that's when I really for real woke up. Anways I couldnt go back to sleep for a few hours I was a little frightened... I felt as though I would get stuck in a dream like that... And I wanted to avoid haveing another one like that again... I did go to sleep that night however all of the lights in my room were on....
I know this is really long. But I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same thing or something similar. I'eve had more but I don't want to write a whole novel here but if someone can relate then please let me know!
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Glad I'm not the only one. Had this for a while now it occassionally occur while lying on my back. Every time, I pinch myself and when it doesn't hurt I know I'm stuck in the dream and would forcefully try to wake myself up. It's always the image of the surrounding too. I know that my eyes have to be open cuz one time i was laying in bed and when this occur, I yell out "just come and get me already" and in the corner of my eyes was a figure of someone with really long hair covering the face. I got scared and woke up and realize that figure was the shape of my blanket. It also happen one time when I was sleeping on the couch, and got stuck in the same conscious dream of laying on the couch. I was forcing myself to wake up and call out to my late grandma that pass away for help. I heard the scream of a female voice, woke up and scared ********. Now every time it occur, once i wake up i move around cuz it only take a split second for you to doze off in it again.
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Yep.  Same thing happens to me.  

Last night at 2:30.. New I was dreaming, felt someone enter the room, blurted out "what are you doing" and sat straight up.. no one there.  At that point I knew what was happening.. and that it was more than likely going to happen again if I let myself fall right back to sleep..

And it did..

The oddest thing though;  of all the times this has happened, me feeling like something was dragging me across the bed.. a dog pinning me down breathing on me.. ETC ETC ETC..

This time.. the radio flickered.. like.. it felt it.. the static sound started up and then it came through on a station for like.. 3 seconds i guess?  FREAKY!  It makes me wonder if .. maybe.. it's not sleep paralysis.. maybe.. (i'm not religious) there's something else going on?  

TO make it worse.. I'm in FL.. my boyfriend who lives with me is in TN.  He's not a light sleeper and does not sleep with his phone on.  I text him.."I had one of those dreams again.." and he called me RIGHT away.  He'd woken up at the same time.  VERY WEIRD.

Ehhh.. Just know ya'll are not crazy.  Maybe it's not medical.  I've not had sleep tests..however, take NO MEDS and am perfectly healthy as far as I know...

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Hey.. i just got this realistic dream last night.Im nearly 18 and ive just started getting these for about 5-months maybe, ive researched this before but i thought id have another look and i came across yours that sounds very much similar to mine. I get them all the time aswell and it freaks me out, but now they happen so often to me i feel like im getting ust to them, but they still do scare me.
I remember the 1st one i had i was dreaming that i was in my bed...not like a normal dream..no crazy story..i wasn't imagening figures of people just me in my bed, all i could hear was peoples voices and then the thud of these "people" falling on top of me, i could'nt move or anything and i was trying to tell my self to wake up and move, but wasn't happening! I have my twin sister in the same room as me and i try and shout for her name or i try n cry to make some sort of noise for some one else to wake me up  but that never happens because i actually can't speak.
Iv'e usually been having these dreams when im sleeping on my back, but last night i was sleeping on my stomach and i still felt asif someone jamp on top of me..on my back, this was feeling more like a figure, even tho i felt it on my back i still saw a blurry figure of a person, more like a shadow, no face or nothing detailed. Since i had the 1st one with hearing the voices, my dremas are now mostly silent.
Sometimes it doesn't feel like a person, it can just feel like something heavily on me like some sort of force, it feels evil.
Sometimes in this dream i will think i have woken up and finally reached for my phone on the side but i haven't. In one dream i thought i had finally "woken up" & i thought it was my sister sittin on the bottom of my bed, but as i got closer it was a man and he turned around, looked at me and he punched me rite back down in my bed.
Another one was when i thought i had woken up i walked to put my light on and all i saw was darkness just before i reached for the light on the wall i saw this sort of "ghost" of a pale little girl wearing a white dress, black long hair just stearing at me and that really scared me! and then i think i woke up, i was thinking i could see spirits or somethin spooky! all the time i think im leaving my room to get away something always stops me, another one was i opend my door to get out and there was a man standing there with a sharp object!!argh! iv'e also felt like i woke up and someone was starin rite in my face! but nope im stil dreaming trying to wake up and shout my sisters name.She actually did wake me up just once out of alot of these dreams because she vaigly herd me whipping. i keep my landing light on now, but i stil get these dreams-so it's happend to me on my back n stomach aswell. It's HORRIBLE!
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Dear Samantha,
              Your dreams are really scary and so are mine. I don't know if you believe in hypnotism but you should try it. You said you drank and were really tipsy. I don't want you to be afraid but maybe you were sexually assaulted and that's why you have those dreams about the guy who comes on top of you. I know this from experience. I use to have this horrible dream about me beening really scared. In this dream I was about 8 or 9 and I'm in a corner and this man I knew kept coming after me. I knew the man because he was my neighbor at the time. I kept having this dreams and I would wake up so scared. I kept getting flashes of this memory and so finally it turned out that I molested and raped by the guy and the reason I wouldn't remember because what happened to me was so bad that my subconscious was trying to block it out. It also turned out that by the time I figured this out the guy had died and was never sent to jail. I wonder how many kids he has done this to over the years and it's going to haunt me forever.
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I've been having what would be considered Sleep Paralysis for years now..probably almost 10 years.  I'm 31 now.  But the difference is that I don't get into REM sleep when I get it...it usually occurs with me as soon as I fall asleep.  I would say within 5 minutes I'm into a really freaky dream and I know I'm asleep but for whatever reason I CAN'T wake myself up.  In he dream I try to scream and move my body as violently as I can to let my wife who is in bed with me know I can't wake myself up and sometimes she doesn't even realize what's going on because in my dream my violent thrashing around translates in "real" life and my hand or my leg just moving.  And my screams are just mumbles..not even any words.

  Last night, I was dreaming that I was at the island in our kitchen and started feeling really light headed and things were blurry, so I wnet and laid in bed and tried to relax.  Then it felt like there were hands on each of my limbs and they were pulling me from the bed.  That's when the thrashing around and screaming started.  When I get like that, my wife usually rubs my chest or taps it to try to wake me up.  The funny thing is that usually have this when I fall asleep on my back..last night I was on my side.

  A few months ago, I had a dream that I heard something in our living room...so I got up and went to turn the light on in our bathroom, which is across the hall from our room.  Flicked the switch, nothing.  I walked into the kitchen to open the fridge door for light..again, nothing.  Darkness.  Then I turned to look in the living room and standing there was a humanoid creature, wearing a hooded robe with thin taloned fingers.  All I could see was it's glowing red eyes.  I asked who it was...it held one of it's hands out towards me and I started moving towards it, my feet not moving.  I was being dragged by this creature.  I began thrashing in my dream, yelling at the creature to let go.  All it did was smile an "evil" smile, revealing long fangs.  Then once I got close enough, it grabbed my wrists, squeezing them and forcing me to my knees.  In my dream, I was so scared it felt literally like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  When actually, it was my wife tapping my chest and rubbing it to wake me up...and all this happens not long after I fall asleep.

Is it possible that I'm falling asleep that hard that fast that I'm instantly in REM sleep..or could something else be going on?
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Couple a years ago I had a really scary dream:

I was in my bad, paralyzed , couldn't move  a finger.
I know there was someone with me in the room, somehow i knew it was a demon.
(most of you knows what I'm talking about)

when i looked at my hands i also had handcuffs on them.
and then i saw him: he was looking like a normal man but i don't remember seeing any face.

I just knew he wanted to heart me

instead of only getting scared i also got angry, VERY angry.
it comes to  a point that i thought i was capable of breaking the metal handcuffs .

i was keep trying over and over getting more angry each time i tried.

suddenly i had a burst of energy and i broke the handcuffs and woke up seating(!!!) in my bed.

i felt on my back going back to my dream
(i know it sound impossible  but that what happens)

this time the demon was out of my room on his way to the living room
and i was no longer paralyzed .
i caught him in his hear and started kicking and punching him until i killed him.

when i woke up that time i was sweaty and heavy breathing.
but feeling good.
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