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Dreams/Nightmares that feel real and I can't wake myself up

Okay, So every now and then I will have a dream or dreams that really scare me. Pretty much its a dream I'm having and I'm myself... in my bed. In my dream I will open my eyes and see human figures but usually I can't tell who it is. If I can't its dark like a shadow. Sometimes its one, or sometimes it a few figures. These dreams/visions always happen just as I'm falling asleep (ya know when your mind starts to wonder right before you doze off, eyes are closed and everythign but you are still conscious).... that stage is when I realize that I'm about to have one of these scary dreams. so I'll either opt to stay awake or turn the lights on for a minute then try to sleep again. The most recent one I had, I was asleep in my bed with my boyfriend...in the dream I opened my eyes and I saw out of the corner of my room a strange figure of a man walking towards my bed.... I cant do anything, I cant move and I can't talk... at this point I'm scared and I know I am ony dreaming. Well I try to wake my self up I try so hard to be able to speak and call my boyfriends name... and this is all while i'm asleep... that right as I wake up I blurt out a noise( the kidna noise you would make if you were trying really hard at something but not saying anything and then all of a sudden noise comes out) It's so frustrating. And in the dream I feel paralyzed like I can't even get up and run. All I can do is lay there... and If I don't wake up before the person gets to me... I can feel the "person" on top of me... literally..I feel their breathe... I feel it all... and what gets me is I KNOW I'm dreaming... and i try to wake up but I cant. and even though I'm aware that I'm dreaming I still know that I'm feeling whoever is on my bed or whatever)
The first time I had one of these very realistic dreams was a couple years ago the night after I drank mooshine for the first time.... ha yeah. (Basically I had a really bad case of the spins alll day the next day and I felt completely out of whack) Well that night as I just went to sleep I was dreaming that I was driving a car and the wheel starting to slowly turn to the left and right as I was about to hit a car my body jerked and I woke up. I stayed awake for a min or 2 then went back to sleep... thats when it all went down hill. The next dream I had... I was in my bed (by the way all these dreams are from my point of view...1st person) and I woke up to see a frightening girl with long black stringy hair and a horrible face, on her hands and knees on top of me just looking at me and breathing heavily.... I swear to god it felt so real.... The only thing I could think to do was hide under the blanket... but right before i drew the balnket over my eyes she slowly, very slowy moved her face inwards towards me. I knew I was dreaming but I could not wake up... Well once I did wake up... well I thought I did... I looked to the left of my bed and there was a about 3 people just sitting in my room... it didnt scare me at first cuz I thought I was awake and I figured maybe it is some freiends surprsiing me... but just as I tried to get a closer look a person who was laying on the floor next to my bed sat up right in my face! It scared the livivng **** outta me. that's when I really for real woke up. Anways I couldnt go back to sleep for a few hours I was a little frightened... I felt as though I would get stuck in a dream like that... And I wanted to avoid haveing another one like that again... I did go to sleep that night however all of the lights in my room were on....
I know this is really long. But I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same thing or something similar. I'eve had more but I don't want to write a whole novel here but if someone can relate then please let me know!
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I had dreams like these and I just woke up from one. In this dream I was in bed awake... I just woke up. I could feel things behind me crawling in bed with me. I look to me wall and see their shadows. I'm paralizyed and can't move. I can't speak nor breath at times. I feel like I'm choaking on the air but there is no air. I'm scared of these dark figures... I'm am only 15 years old. At one time while I was awake in my room listening to music I turned around and saw one of the shadow people I could feel my heart about stop. In all but one of my dreams I was in my bed. Only one tht scared me the worse is when I climbed out of bed and went into the hall where I stoped at the bathroom. I saw something in there so I came towards it. I touched and realized it was skin. That was when it jumped on me. It was like a dying corpse. It's arms where around me and I was frozen in fear once again. It's mouth was wide open as if it was trying to talk to me. I could feel him!!! I could feel how his body was on mine and it scared me so bad. I also had a dream where I awoke with a black cat on my bed. This black cat scared the living **** out of me... Something about the cat scared me. Nabe his glowing yellow eyes.... Again all these dreams started when I was Alseep yet I wasn't. I woke up siting up. And sudenly I couldn't breath. I felt the shadow man on me... He was choaking me... I couldn't see him, but as I looked to the walls I saw his figure. I'm scared... I hvent had these dreams in five months now they are coming back.
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I have the exactly same dreams as u there is someone you can see about it pls let me know if u are stil have them
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I thought I was the only one. I've been having this on and off for about 7 years now and I've gone awhile without it happening until bout 5mins ago.
I remember falling asleep at around 145 and I wasn't dreaming anything at first until I was dreaming about work and a couple of my coworkers. They were talking about a guy who drew a picture of me and I was walking towards the bathroom when a heavy pressure like there someone was on the other side of the bathroom door pushing it against me so I was pushing back afraid that it was something evil...my coworkers pushed against it too but then it was too strong. Then for some reason I blanked out for like what felt awhile which is weird because it didn't feel like I woke up cause I went back into a dream state to the exact same dream repeating itself.
Scared the crap out of me and its now 245...I've had these kind of dreams happen while I was asleep on my back, my stomach, and my sides. I'd like to say theyre from stress or that I'm really tired but I doubt it. :(
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have you ever thought that your house was hunted and they realized that the easy way to get to your head is in your dreams?
or maybe your worried about something. maybe some one is making you feel hurt or scared in a way.
all my dreams feel real to. have you ever hear of dream-worship?
look it up if not. that answered alot of my problems  
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I usually dont have dreams, except one dream that haunts me every now and then... its always the same dream. Goes alittle like this: well i wake up on the coffee table and the power is out... when i sit up i notice that the table is always about 5 five from the ground and all over the floor are huge scorpians that are about 3 feet long and a foot tall and no matter what i do i can never get out of the house... the doors are locked and though i am inside i cant unlock them and leave. ouut the windows is just pitch black and these windows wont break open i cant even see the ground outside. i hae no fear of scorpians and its pretty obvious because i have a pet scorpian named onyx, and the worse part is... if i happen to wake up while im in this dream, if i fall back to sleep the same night i relive the dream starting back at the table where i always wake in this dream.
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1 Peter 5:8   Your enemy the devil prowls around like a lion seeking someone to devour!
    I too have experience these scar tactics of the enemy,and that's exactly what they are "terrifying" "scarey" strait out of a horror movie!
    I'm not going to go into long details of my dreams,I can relate to almost everyone,what I'm going to do is shed light on the answer and tell you how I have become victorious over these "demons" and that is what they are.
     Make no mistake you are being tourmented by evil spirits,sound like fiction?Try telling someone who has never experienced one of these dreams,and watch the look they give you!
      First consider yourself lucky you have had a tiny glimpse into the end of the spirit world in which you do not want to spend eternity.
       Lucky??? Yes lucky  because some unknowing souls are going to spend the rest of there eternity in tourment in hell because they were unable to believe there is a hell and you will be there if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your savior.Acts 4:12 No one else can save us .Indeed,we can only be saved by the power of the name of Jesus and not by any other name.
         The only way to stop this is through strengthening your spirit through Jesus Christ.First you make a confession ,admit that you are a sinner and need God 's forgiveness,admit you cannot save yourself.2ndBelieve that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to pay the penalty for our sin and be your savior.3rd commit to turn from your sin repent and follow Jesus.
        Start praying everyday,fast unto the Lord read the word and get into a bible believing church!
         Through Jesus Christ strength I have been able to defeat these demons in hand to hand combat,they cant hurt you once your a child of God, all they can do is try to scare you,but you must take worship God in word,deed and spirit putting god first in your life and everything else will fall into place,no one is perfect when you slip up ask for forgiveness in Jesus name and he will forgive you.
         Because of the seriousness of these dreams please feel free to ask Questions1
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