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Elderly Mother Sleep Apnea?

My mother recently moved in with me due to what we believe is dementia. She is 87 years old and has always been very on the ball and able to handle her own business affairs. Now she is pretty confused, asking me over and over what day it is, and having great difficulty with normal day to day tasks. Her neurologist put her on Namenda without much of a result. Her only other medications are Warfrin, she had a stroke a few years ago, a hole behind her heart. And high blood pressrure medication. Sorry I do not have the name or dosage availabe to me.
  I notice when she sleeps she talks and moans in her sleep almost constantly. I would be exhausted if I carried on a conversation like that all night long. My father had sleep apnea, I know there is no connection between he and mom, but it made me aware of it. Could she have developed it? I have spent the night with her before although it has been over a year or two ago and she did not make these continuous noises then. Is it just something that goes along with dementia? Thank you for any light you may be able to shed on this subject. heeler50
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It's worth looking into further. Sleep apnea over the long term can cause cognitive impairment and memory loss. It puts one at higher risk for stroke also. Although it is not definitive and one can have apnea that fractures sleep without severe oxygen desaturation, often fluctuations are an indication. You could start the process by asking her doctor to order use of a recording pulse oximeter overnight. They just clip on the fingertip. Also observe her a bit more closely as to if she seems to pause breathing, and report your concerns to her doctor. It would be a shame for her to lose her mental capacities if there is something that could help her. If it actuallu is sleep apnea, she may regain some of what she's lost. I did. Five years ago I often couldn't finish a sentence, got lost in familiar places, and lost words a lot. Best wishes figuring it out.
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   I called her Pulmonary Dr who is actually responsible for starting the sleep clinic in our area. He is also moms primary. Long story. Told them what was going on with her. They said sounded more like a disorder than apnea, and he would need to see her to ***** her so that he could wrtie the order for a sleep study . We have a appointment for the twelth. She is not happy but I am. She says she had s study years ago that was good enough. I told her things change. Boy do they. Thank you for your answer. I wish we had that information years ago with my father,no one seemed to know what apnea was then. He was so confused and It took this man I am taking Mom to to straighten the situation out at long last. Thanks for your comments.and information.
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