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Ex-wife Overdosed Ambien/Alcohol going to hospital

I got horrible news this morning that my ex wife (a co-worker) couldn't come to work today. She said she woke up with a black eye, and the apartment all torn up.

Her motor skills were horrible on the phone. Very confused, very disoriented. She didn't make any sense. I tried to get her father (my boss and dear friend) to go check on her. He said she would be fine.

He called her and asked her to come over to his house an hour ago, thinking she sounded depressed. She got in 2 accidents on the way to his home (very, very minor...no damage) and called him asking what to do. She was oblivious to what had happened, or what to do. He had her pull over, and he and his wife picked her up.

He called me horrified just 10 minutes ago. He said that one of her eye is tilted in (not looking straight), her pupils are huge and will not respond to light. He demanded that they go to the E.R. immediately. They are on the way now. He now agrees with me that she is "not there" now that he has seen her.

What could this be? I know she drinks quite heavily, and takes Ambien like crazy. I would assume this could be the issue? What is this result?

I am just a concerned ex-husband that is really looking for some sort of answers. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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