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Getting anxiety attack caused me insomnia

Hi am aks male 34 having good health and fit body is having difficulties in sleeping for 1 month as I got gym panic attack 4 month before and I visited cardiologist and he prescribed me 0.25 mg zapiz and 12.5mg paxidep which I completed course in 10 days and after 1 week off from meds I started getting anxiety but I avoided meds and was getting irregular sleep so I thought of visiting my family doctor a month ago and he said due to anxiety I was not sleeping well and he prescribed me 0.5mg solopose plus and 0.25 mg trika which I started taking and was having good sleep but when I searched about meds on Google they were benzos getting addicted so I thinked to taper it down slowly so it's like 2 days I get good sleep on half dose some days not and I again take full dose to cover my sleep and it's like playing games on my mind so I need help from u lovely people to guide me to how to overcome this meds and get in to my previous life and yeah I had defeated my anxiety only problem is my brain doesn't want to go in sleep.
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You may have developed a conditioned negative response to the idea of sleep, which is common among those who've experienced insomnia.  Given your drug history and anxiety issues suggest you see a medical doctor who specializes in sleep.  I suspect your solution will not be more drugs but rather a nondrug program like CBT sleep training methods for adults.  Much good info online if you are the self-help type.
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Thanks Morpheus for your reply but I need suggestions as the meds I taken now in this month with low dosage are hard to withdraw really would like to hear more opinion
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