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HELP: dosing of aminos, herbs, vits, and minerals for narcolepsy

well ive been prescribed nuvigil for my narcolepsy at 150mg every day.  it worked for 2 days, but ive been on my own now for like over a month.  im also bipolar, so the doc doesnt want to change meds without collaborating with my psychiatrist.  however, my psychiatrist is like impossible to get a hold of.  he only has an answering service, and you have to leave like 7-10 messages before he finally gets back to you...which is weeks later.  so anyway, regardless of whether or not i have meds that work, i still wanted some assistance in the wakefulness and also concentration/cognitive function.  im a full time grad student who works 2 jobs, so my life is a hectic mess.  ive found a few journal articles mentioning a correlation between l-tyrosine deficiency and narcolepsy and studies involving l-tyrosine supplementation which apparently has proved effective.  that said, i purchased some l-tyrosine powder.  additionally ive found some other articles about "alternative" treatments for narcolepsy.  ive gather what seem to be some of the commonly used supplements, and i made a purchase last night for them + some additional ones that are for other benefits.  my question is, some of these are supposed to be taken at certain times/doses and some should or cant be taken with other items (i.e. calcium).  so im looking to get as much input as possible into the dosing, dosing schedule, and counterindications of other meds/foods.  below is a list of the supplements ive purchased and/or already owned and plan to use:

Caffeine Anhydrous (100 grams)
Ginkgo Biloba Powder (50 grams)
DMAE Powder (100 grams)
B-6 caps (100mg x 200)
Methyl B-12 (1000mcg x 100 lozenges)  <---because ive used cyanocobalimine which doesnt do much
L-Tyrosine powder (226 grams)
L-Taurine powder (400 grams)
Micronized L-Glutamine powder (1000 grams)
Calcium Citrate caps (750mg x 120)
Magnesium oxide caps (400mg x whatever's left in my bottle)
B-Complex sustained release
Soy Lecithin

Now prior to this order, ive been using the following:
DMAE, ALCAR, Peracitam, L-Huperzine A, L-tyrosine, b-complex, and soy lecithin

And in addition to whatever i take, im also on Rx meds:
Lithium carbonate 600mg
Bupropion HCl 200mg (reducing to 100mg so i can think clearly in school)
Levothyroxine 100mcg
Folic acid 2mg
Nuvigil 150mg

From what i already know, thyroid meds shouldnt be taken with calcium nor food.  and ive read that Nuvigil may interact with acids like in orange juice and negate the effects.  so every morning ive been trying to take those 2 together and not eat for a little.  ive also read l-glutamine reacts with calcium, so maybe i should take that in the morning as well?

i know none of you will probably feel comfortable giving me any advice about interactions between my meds and anything else i take, so i can ask my doc about that issue.  but would you be able to give me some advice/instruction on the over the counter supplements ive ordered?  im more concerned with the times they should be taken and possible interactions with other foods/supplements.  thanks in advance.
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any1 at all?
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