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Have not slept in years ...HELP PLEASE

7 years ago I stopped smoking weed cold turkey ..... when I did I had  severe withdrawals it got to a point where my brain felt like it was literally burning ... long story short after that moment I literally am unable to sleep ...yawn ...etc.   I never feel drowsy or sleepy ... each night I just lay in bed without sleep ....I feel fine each day it’s just I literally have not fell asleep in years .... I know my story sounds unbelievable but I assure you it’s true ......please help
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The fact that you "feel fine each day" suggests you're getting a whole lot more sleep than you think you are.  And that's common with insomniacs.  Called sleep state misperception.  So getting a handle on your true and real situation is part of your long term solution.  Be sure you've addressed any med issues with your doc, and check into using a CBT sleep training system for a permanent substance-free solution.
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I would see your Doctor about getting a sleep clinic referral. Alternatively, I would get one of those fitness trackers that tracks your sleep to get more perspective as to what your body is doing when you are lying in bed.
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