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Help for dreaming about dreaming and not being able to wake up

Oh my gosh... I have been dealing with this for a few years now, but now at least a few times a week for the last few months... I finally decided to see if I could find any information about it.. My sleep doctor just says I have nightmare disorder. These happen to me most often when I nap, rarely at night, although because of insomnia I take sleep aids. Anyways, the odd thing is that these dreams are not "scary" in the sense that most people would see something scary. I dream that I am asleep, and there is usually an awful feeling of dread and evil and I try to wake up, sometimes I wake up but I'm not really awake, and each awakening is slightly different but by the tine I am truly awake I am questioning my sanity and if I am actually awake. Some of them also involve me not being able to open my eyes.. even when **** things like driving. I often am so afraid that in my dream that I am sleeping trying to wake up I pray to God that he will help me wake up for real. I have pinched myself even. They are so real. Also, in my dreams when I'm trying to wake up I often am trying to scream or grab someone but can't make a sound and it's as though they cannot feel me. I honestly love dreaming.. most of the time, like a few nights ago I had what most would probably consider a "nightmare", of being in a resident evil style apocalypse, and honestly I thought it was great and adventurous, especially when compared to the dreams when I cannot wake up. When those dreams happen I also feel extremely lethargic when I do finally wake up, and when I'm dreaming I am waking up, but scared to fall asleep again, but so sleepy I usually drop right back into it. Does anyone have any thoughts on my situation or has anyone found anything that helps them come out of it or not dream like this at all? Like I said, I love dreaming regular dreams, but these, it just feels like eventually I'm either going to get stuck there or completely break from reality not knowing if I am "really" awake or not. HELP PLEASE!
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Hi, this happens to everybody. During sleep, the body cycles between non-REM and REM sleep. Typically, people begin the sleep cycle with a period of non-REM sleep followed by a very short period of REM sleep. Dreams generally occur in the REM stage of sleep. REM is a mixture of encephalic (brain) states of excitement and muscular immobility. For this reason, it is sometimes called paradoxical sleep. Hence you cannot scream or call during the dreaming phase. Disorders related to dreaming could occur with REM sleep behavior disorders. Here the person acts out the dreams. Check with your doctor to rule out this disorder, it can be diagnosed with a sleep study. Regards.
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