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How To Fix My Sleep Schedule?

Hi everyone. My sleep schedule is all out of whack. I'm falling asleep around 8 in the morning and waking up around 4 or 5 the next afternoon. It's seriously damaging all of my relationships. I'm asleep too long to see most of my friends and family and I'm awake all night and I get depressed at night (I don't know why, I always have). Not to mention most of the stores in my small town are closed by the time I wake up!

Basically I need to fix my sleep schedule back to something regular. The morning is actually my favorite time of day so I'd love to be awake to experience it. Friends have suggested just pulling an all nighter so I will want to sleep, but that doesn't work for me, I ended up not sleeping for three days when I tried that. I don't know how, it was weird.

Anyway, should I set an alarm and just start waking up early every morning?
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Well first try to go a sleep a little earlier, even if you aren't tired. Like go to bed around 6 am or 5 am. You should wake up earlier than as well. Then the next day go asleep around 3 am, 2 am or 4 am. Jsut keep doing this until you get to a time that let's you wake up to enjoy morning

Or you could still go to bed at 8 am and have someone who lives in your house to wake you up like at 12 am, so you will be sleeping around 5 am or 2 am. Then you should be able to go to bed at an earlier time without having someone wake you up.
I hope this helps ^_^
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I go through phases of insomnia.  

Try to eliminate all stimulants, especially caffeine, till you get sleep pattern corrected.  

Go to bed the same time every night 9pm - 10pm, get up each morning same time, regardless how much you slept that night, try not to take naps.    

Once in bed, try not to do anyting stimulating, computer, tv etc....  Try to read a relaxing book.  Listen to relaxing music.  

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Ugh, I'm dealing with this right now. Sometimes jogging helps me (burning off excess energy) but usually the best i can do is just set the alarm for noon, get up, and drag myself around for the rest of the day if I'm feeling tired. Eventually, you force yourself to an early schedule. I also find I need more sleep when this happens to feel rested, which makes me question the quality of the sleep I'm getting.

I read an article somewhere that talked about people who go into sleep cycles at different times of the day depending on what time of the day they were born.

It's interesting... but not very helpful. :-/

I'm surprised a sleep disorder board doesn't have an all night chat session!
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Look up Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. There are a few suggestions, such as bright light therapy and chronotherapy you might try.
My son has this problem. I think it developed because of adrenal insufficiency he's had for several years now. There are other factors though, such as late night computer addiction! He fell asleep at 8 am this morning. But he's been unable to fall asleep before 4 or 5 am for many months. He has a nighttime breathing disorder now too.  ;(
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If you don't have a doting mother or father that looks down upon you (hello, me), here's what I think you should do (I know, August):

Force yourself to stay up 30 minutes later each time.  Eventually, you'll start falling asleep at 9 a.m, then 10 a.m., 2 p.m., and eventually, you'll get to 8 p.m., which I.M.O. is the earliest acceptable bedtime!  That's how I got to the sh***** schedule I'm on now.  Actually, it is so bad I don't even have a schedule.  

Also, try to have a day where you don't go to sleep, but have a lot of social interaction, and then work out vigorously, like laps.  Or go to a speech.

Covering yourself with a warm blanket helps, too.  Immerse yourself in it and just lay there thoughtless, enjoying the warmth.  

BUT:  I mostly suggest taking a month or whatever to modify the sleep.  
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I always have this problem, and then I fix my sleep and then guess what a month later, I'm back to where I started from. From my experience the most "painful" way to fix your sleep is to set an alarm and keep waking up at the same desired time each day no matter when you fell asleep. This works, but it takes up to 2 weeks to fully adjust, and for those two week you will feel like you wanna die. The way that works the best for me is to overstay even longer. two to three hours each day until your sleeping hours are the night hours. You can achieve this in up to 5 days. Yet again, challenge is keeping it that way.
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