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I Have No Idea Whats Wrong With Me

Ok Hi my name is matthew ive been having all of these werid syptoms and im really scared. about 2 months ago ive been having this werid feeling like pressure build up in my head and i had aching head aches for a month straight they kind of went away after a month and only happen like everyother week. Im also feeling self impending doom on my self. Im 16 years old and im a junior in high school, in class ive had these werid feelings like what i said before is this pressure build up and it feels like im going to pass out or something but i never do i start start having like a breathing panic attack. I had an incounter while sleeping like i belive a month ago where i was laying down in bed at like 2 am because i couldnt fall asleep but when i tried to move , it felt like my body was moving but nothing happened i could only move my right or left hand, i cant remeber but i dont know what happen after that i just remeber i was on my side sleeping again.But not even 4 hours ago waking up like a month after that i was laying sideways and i woke up but i couldnt move, i tired moving my legs, nothing happen, so i tried to breathe and i coudlnt , i could only breathe out, and i felt like i was suffocating this time i could barley move my finger. ive also been having trouble in my neck area where it cracks alot and it gets stiff. i feel like im getting worse each day. I dont wanna die at 16...I just feel lost. everything around me dosent feel real, i keep telling my self its all in my head and theres nothing to worry about but my dads been having some trouble too hes always telling my mom that he feels light headed and is going to pass out  and his head gets all heavy and light like mine. i havent really told my parents anything because we have no medical and were barley macking ends meet, and not to mention were going through a bankrupsty. i feel like i have no options anymore. i feel like one of those hypocondiates who doesent stop thinking about anything, i feel like i have a tumor , or like a bug is living inside of me killing me from the inside like on one of those shows, i just dont know what to do anymore. if anyone knows what im feeling please write me back, it would mean the world to me. Thank you p.s. i have also had touble with my heart rate but nothing is wrong with my blood pressure.
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Ive also have had face twitches near my eyes -Matthew
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I posted in your other thread, hope it helps.
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Matthew,  You NEED to tell your parents about this no matter what.  It doesn't matter what your family is going through or that you have no medical.  Even if you have to go to an Emergency Room to start with you must find out what this is all about.  They will not refuse you treatment at an Emergency Room.  Tell your Parents, good luck.
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