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I have internal vibrations when falling asleep or waking up.


If I ever go to take a nap at some point during the day, I feel internal vibrations while falling asleep and waking up. These vibrations manifest mainly in my chest, while my head feels cloudy and stuffed. None of it hurts.

I specifically feel the issue when falling asleep only if I am trying to fight it. If I fall asleep by accident, or the pressure drops because of a storm, I find myself fighting to stay awake and then I end up in a sort of vibrating stasis for as long as I hold out, even if I feel I am fully aware of my surroundings. When I wake up, the vibrations are stronger and last longer, preventing me from fully returning to the real world mentally. I can communicate fine, but it's as if I had 2 hours of sleep in the past 72. By an hour or so they go away and I can fully function again. This only started within the last year.

What on earth could be happening?

1. It is not stress, I live a decently stress-free life
2. I do not take any medications at all
3. I am 20 years old and otherwise healthy, female
4. I have not seen any evidence of tick bites on me, and I don't really go outside into the woods
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Ha! For some reason it won’t accept my answer I wrote for you. I have experienced the same thing as well for a long time. I was eventually diagnosed with a sleep disorder. My advice would be to have a sleep study done ✔️
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