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I know im dreaming, but i cant move or do anything.

Okay well..
This happened to me a couple of times,
I was sleeping and when i woke up i saw a very frightening girl with long black stringy hair and a terrifying face and she was on top of me staring at me right in the face, i couldnt move or do anything but i knew i was awake so when i could move i ran out of my room panicking and went to sleep with my sister, as i layed down i fell asleep and had a realistic dream, i was doing my make up in the room and when i was done i wanted to leave the room but i couldnt cuz it would always send me back to my bed so i couldnt escape the room, i knew i was dreaming but i couldnt move, yell for help or do anything, even though i wanted too really bad. about 20 mins later i got up and started crying and didnt wanna sleep anymore. it was absolutely terrifying. :(
does anybody know what this is?
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maybe your dream means something.
like your emotionally traped
Hope i helped =)
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yeow!something like this also happens to me!except its not I dream like this,its other nightmares.When I was young,my mum said that she would see me sweating n opening my mouth but can't shout and she would have to wake me up,and until now, spmething like tht would also happen,I feel like screaming n just moving n kicking...but i just can't move...n then I have to start praying in my head before I could wake up n just watch tv in the end.....I'm starting to get a phobia for sleeping!:(
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that sounds very strange to me.
i could give you some tips of how to weak up though (if you are in a /bad dream and realizing you ARE dreaming):

- count 1, 2, 3 weak up!
- lean against a wall
- try to read the time from a clock/watch)
- pick up a newspaper in your room or a magazine and try to read what is written on it
- try to look yourself in the mirror

all those things "normal" people cant do in a dream, they will see the numbers or letters with a strong blur and the wall will make them fall, leading to weak up eventually.

if you DO manage to be able to "think" while you are dreaming, i suggest you try "lucid dreaming".
a lot of people try very, very hard to learn how to be able to think and control your body in your own dream in order to "lucid dream".
if you are able to do that, usually your mind has the power to do anything you want:
- you could beam yourself to a paradise location
- you could fly away
- make out with your favourite celebrity
those are the most common and first lucid dreams.

i hope i could help and i hope you can soon turn your nightmares
into the most beautiful experiments and experiences of your mind.
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Sounds like a couple of different things to me. One would be hypnagogic hallucinations and the other is sleep paralysis. Both are related to narcolepsy and having N I have experienced both.
The other thing you might look into would be night terrors as I have read posts on *************.org about them and they have mentioned the vivid terrifying dreams when discussing night terrors as well.
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