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I need to sleep

hi im a 19 yr old girl, sort of fit, im not overweight, but dont ask me to run a mile!
i am constantly sleepy throughtout the day, i fall asleep on the bus, sometimes even at college! i dont have anemia, i have been tested and im fine. there is nothing wrong with my thyroid, as i have been tested an all fine, i do not have diebeates, i am all clear on that one. the Dr says its nothing physical, how are you sleeping? i replied ok i guess, but i never wake-up feeeling re-freshed, NEVER! so on she went asking me questions, do you snore? a bit i said, sometimes louder than others, sometimes not at all - i have this info from my boyfriend. do you stop breathing when you sleep? my boyfriend says i do sometimes, but then i will gasp and carry on breathing as usual, this only happens occasionally though. she then asks do i wake up alot? i wake up yes, but thats to turn over or go to the loo, or to move the duvet off me cuz of hot/cold etc, or my boyfriend kindly wakes me on one of his many trips to the loo in the night! so she still has no idea whats wrong with me, she asked am i depressed, i say well i maybe, and i stressed? not that im aware of, but i have been doing research, and from all of th symptoms i am depressed, except form thinking of killing myslef, all the other symptoms seem to fit. could this be the cause of my interrupted bad sleep? could it be my boyfriend getting up 6 times to go pee? could i have sleep apnea? i also have terrible nightmares, weird scary ones. with people i recognise, people ive fallen out with, people ive only met once, dreams are another issue, but if they are distrubing my sleep maybe they are related? im just so tired, i get sick easily, i dont want to go out, as im too tired, or is it because im depressed? i dont watn to have sex, even though i used to love having it, is this due to the tiredness or the depressiveness, i know being depressed kills your liabido, but could i just be too tired? im really strugling, my Dr is confused, i have yet to mention depression to her....

some opinions would be awesome, many thanks

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After all the questions your doctor asked and your replies, surely they recommended a sleep study? Sleep deprivation causes decreased libido and symptoms that look like depression, plus daytime sleepiness, fatigue, awaking unrefreshed. If you have some episodes that look like apnea that your boyfriend sees, there's likely many more he doesn't see, as he is either sleeping (or peeing). By the way, frequent nighttime urination can be a sign of sleep apnea. Maybe he needs checked too.

About your dreams, my undiagnosed sleep apnea was accompanied by scary dreams. It's the mind's way of dealing with the repeated sensation of suffocating all night. Some, say dreams that are remembered well are a sign of waking up during REM sleep, which happens to be when sleep apnea is worst for many.
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nope no sleep study reccomended, your thoughts the same as mine though! ive asked for one, but my GP is saying lets just see how it goes, as its uncommon in people your age! i said yes uncommon but it does happen!
my boyfriend has been checked, he is fine, just an over-active bladder bless him!
would you reccomend bringing it up with my GP again, or maybe seeking a theripist, to talk about the dreams and feelings of depression? or bringing these up with my GP also,a nd see what she has to say?

thanks for the feedback :)
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