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I wake up a dozen times during the night

For the past week or so I wake up many many times during the night every 90 minutes, almost exactly, like there's a timer in my brain. While it is occasionally bahtroom related, ( I've always had that issue ) it's usually inexplicable. I just shoot up, wide awake, no matter how exhausted I was when I went to bed. I usually can fall back to sleep within a few minutes, but not always. My sleep is like a series of naps, instead of true rest. I had a thorough physical not long ago. I don't drink any caffeine after 3 PM. I do not want to take medication. What can I do?
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If you have any daytime symptoms of your sleep not being restorative, you may need to see a sleep doctor. (Some symptoms might be daytime sleepiness, lack of energy, mental fogginess, not feeling rested on waking.) Many people wake up a few times each night without apparent adverse affect. But you do want to be sure there is no underlying sleep disorder causing your wakeups. There are many sleep disorders, but a couple common ones are sleep apnea and limb movements. If your sleep patterns are problematic, I would want to first rule out a sleep disorder before considering medication. Just my opinion.
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It almost sounds to me, if it is happenig repeatedly on a set schedule, that you may be in a dream state, one you can't remember, and it is causing you to "shoot" awake. This happen often to some people, and usually stops on it's own. I wouldn't worry about insomnia, or ask for medication yet, as you said that it has only been happening for a week or so. your body and mind will probably adjust itself, and correct the problem.
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