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Is it better to fight it with drugs or just let it happen?

I have had insomnia all of my life. Other than occasionally feeling lonely I enjoy it. I am the most productive at these times of night, I am in my best moods, and i overall feel better. Before I was on sleeping medication I didn't sleep much but felt LESS tired. But the doctors say that it isn't healthy. I tried over the counter Melatonin, and Tylenol pm. Didn't help. Benadryl works the best but i cant take that every night. I do take Seroquel. Started at 100mg a night two years ago and now is reduced to 15mg. the less mg the longer it takes to fall asleep but the reason i had it reduced because its effects were lasting till noon the next day. I'm just so sick and tired of always being sick and tired!! I do not take it every night at the same time because things come up, or my insomnia kicks in early. The other problem is that i take Lithium 900mg a day at the same time. Its side effect is motion sickness. The Seroquel knocks me out before i feel the effects. Its hard to change my meds because the Lithium will make me sick if it doesn't like whatever I'm taking with it. As of now during the school week. i stay up till 1 am (taking my meds at mid night)  then wake up at 6am then nap 4-8pm. And then repeat. When i have no school i stay up all night and sleep all day. This *****. When the weather is nice i want to be outside but I'm sleeping because I'm too tired to be awake. (And i cant JUST go to sleep) Then I oversleep and feel lazy while I'm awake. Its just awful and I'm so sick of this and I have no idea what to do. Please help! I am 17 btw.
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Getting one's circadian rhythm back on track requires time and diligent and consistent effort. A part-time approach is not likely to work. A medicine approach is not likely to work either. Whether you should go through all that depends on what fits your lifestyle. If this is working for you, then continue doing what you are doing. But it sounds like you are not content and feel you are missing out on life on this schedule. Only you know how much you want this to change, but I would work with a doctor experienced in sleep therapy to methodically turn things around. I used to be a nightowl, but treated my sleep disorders and began working on turning my schedule around. On my way to bed now, and this is now late for me. The reward of not sleeping my days away or always being in a fog made it worth it for me. :)
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Thank you for your input. I learned something new. :]
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