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Is my 2yr old having seizures

I have noticed that when my Son of 2 years old is just falling to sleep his body jerks parts of his limbs here and there where they will startal him and then he goes back to sleep the other night he was in a deep sleep and I was watching telly and I noticed he started to Grown and cry when I looked at him his limbs and body was jerking all over he had his eyes closed and was making a mumbling noise which lasted at least a minute I am concerned that this was a seizure what do you guys think would be grateful for any replies thank you
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Most everyone experiences what's called 'hypnic jerks' as they fall asleep.  These are normally considered harmless and benign and usually don't awaken people.  However, what you're describing sounds like it could be more.  If this continues to concern you, see your pediatrician.
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