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Lack of sleep or not enough sleep?

I'm currently 28 years old. I'm a Chem major in college. I have been struggling with school for as long as I can remember. I would always have teachers saying I wasn't paying attention, although I tried hard to focus on the tasks presented to me. recently in the last few years, I  experience several different sensations and situations that I haven't been quite able to explain very well to the point it's frustrating and I don't think people believe it's a problem.  I have issues with staying awoke. The first time I really start falling a lot started in college. As a student of the abilities office there have been a few times where I went to sleep during my test and I woke up confused I'm not sure what I was doing before I fell asleep. I tried changing different things such as the a time like when I eat ,how much did I eat, the amount of hours I got to sleep before the next day. There were times that I would be sleep in my classes  during lectures if it wasn't a test going on and I would be in this state where I felt like I was fighting to stay conscious and I would stay in this in between state and my writing would look like scratches of line or scribe scramble on my paper I would stay this until someone woke me. The only time I can say that I did really good on the test was when I had to do a makeup test on the board. When I was younger I experienced head trauma. One timeI was knocked out for some hours and I have had my head hit directly into the concrete the second time I was not knock out, but I had a really bad headache.  Things that in so bad that I have moments where I slur really bad and it seems like things are happening really fast and I'm moving too slow or vice versa.  Lately I've been having more and more spells of falling asleep or filling semi conscious and I am doing testing now to look into it further. My EEG in the path of came back normal along with my MRI.The only thing that they noticed was that I had a asymmetrical lateral ventricle and a large in the Cella. Right now I'm being tested for a learning disability.  Doing more testing there were so many times that I try to focus on the questions being asked to me and I would just phaseout or fall asleep either way when I woke up or became conscious I would not remember me falling to sleep or what happened or anything she said before I would go out then I remember bits and parts of what she said and shake off the fact I fell asleep by trying to pick up with the bits and part of what I remember before I phased out. I was told that it's a possibility that what seems like going to sleep constantly   And brief moments of confusion could possibly be a sleeping disorder or a seizure. I just know when this happens it's random and frequent. I know in addition to this my memory is affected I am a speech. Things have got so bad with me going to sleep and how random it is that it makes me nervous and worried at times. I sleep on the bus while travel, studying, lectures, tests, and my attention span seems to be off in the distance.  One time I was working in a lab and while using a hot plate with melted glue in one of the glass tray. I started to fall asleep and burnt my fingers lightly because it slipped into the hot the glue. There are times I see and hear bits of things around me when I'm in this semi-sleepily  conscious state, but it's like I can't response or I'm struggling to be alert. Afterwards, I have a massive headache, tired, and the need to really go lay down and sleep.
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I made a few errors since I am posting on my cell phone. I meant to say a large empty cella.
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The symptoms you're descibing are familiar. Do you hallucinate when you're falling asleep? That would happen to me; I'd be skyping and I would go to bed and as I'm half asleep I start hearing the people I'm in a call with saying things that they aren't actually saying. It happens in real time situations sometimes too. I also fell asleep during standardized tests and lectures. A lot of my notes are hilarious- I start with good handwriting and gradually get sloppier until it's just lines on my paper. My memory is absolutely terrible, and pieces of days or events just sort of have holes in them.
I've said this to about three posts, but It's very possible that you have narcolepsy. Especially with what you're describing. You should see a sleep specialist instead of a bunch of neurologists. Do a sleep study if you haven't already. It could be something else, but gosh what you're describing is just so like narcolepsy that I can't imagine. The disorder commonly presents itself after a virus, infection or some kind of trauma. For me, I just had step throat and swine flu, then my brain got a screwed up and now I sleep too much. Haha
It'll be okay
Sleep specialist though
Also coffee
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Thanks for the input. I did two or three sleep studies and they came back normal. I can sometimes hear things around when I'm in my semi conscious statement, but most of it incomprehensible and blur. However, more time then not I hear nor see anything and I don't remember except the present moment when I am fully conscious.
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