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Last straw with CPAP

I have been on and off CPAP/biPAP for the last 10 years.
I have been diagnosed with both severe central and obstructive sleep apneas (primarily central).
I have done a dozen sleep studies, seen just as many doctors, and tried every mask and
machine on the market.

Earlier this year I agreed to go for yet another sleep study and they sent me for a study w/o titration.
As a result of this they put me on the Resmed S10 biPAP.

After a few weeks on this I was having all the same problems I've ever had.
The mask ends up on the floor; the straps leave welts on my face; and I wasn't
getting any sleep. Shortly after this I started waking up with headaches and the
machine was reporting an increase in central apneas.

My doctor said I needed ANOTHER study to re-titrate the machine.
So I tried for months to try and get the sleep clinic to call me back.
Finally I needed a non-related surgery and in the pre-surgical screen they
asked why I wasn't being treated for my apneas and I told them. I had an
appointment for the re-titration that night.

Then, nothing . . .literally.
I called and called for weeks and couldn't get anyone to call me back with the results
of the study. I ended going in for surgery w/o he results.

So after, all this waiting my insurance company said I was non-compliant and had the
home care company take back the S10. I kept the SD card.

It is now months later and I was able to get an appointment with a sleep specialist at the
same practice.  I'm not feeling optimistic. The home care company wants to charge me
hundreds of dollars for the 'rental' of the machine that I saw no benefit from.

The new doctor wants me on CPAP not biPAP but won't tell me why they
1) put me on the wrong machine
2) didn't titrate it properly generating addition central apneas

Now I've seen recent studies indicating that CPAP provides no improvement in
mortality from heart attack and stroke and I'm thinking why bother.

On the fence about giving up CPAP and just taking benedryl to get to sleep.
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