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Living my life with Insomnia and Hypersomnia...

Male, 29y/o, single here. Didn't consult doctor about this issue because in my country, seeing a psychologist is very rare.

My history is,
I'm an alcoholic 5 years back, and able to control my drinking problem very well since 6 months ago.
I'm a smoker 7 years back, and change to be social smoker since 6 months ago too. (1-2 stick on occasion)
Diagnosed with Genital Warts 8 months back, free from warts for 30 days already.
Moderate depression after notice i have warts, able to get over it since 3 months ago.
Exercise and gym regularly, 3-4 times a week. (guess this cure the warts)

When i was young, i have already find my self very hard to fall asleep at night.
This sleeping habit get worse in my 20's... but i have found solution to it... alcohol!
I always drunk my self to sleep. Excessive alcohol consumption to make me that sleepy.
After self realization, i stop making my self drunk, and the problem get a little worse.

In the bedtime moment, my mind is always so colorful with alot of creative ideas and thinkings and i cant find my self sleepy. I could "only" able to fall asleep between 6am-7am.
Once i fall asleep, Calling/yelling or alarm can't stop my sweet sleeping time. And always wake up around 3pm-5pm. This goes repetitive everyday.

So... I try to adjust my sleeping pattern. I skip sleeping and force my self to work and go thru the whole day. Sleepy in the morning and afternoon. When i reach home on evening (7pm), my eyes are wide awake.
Even thou sometimes i came home sleepy, I slept at 9pm/10pm, but i "always" wake up middle of the nite at maybe 1am/3am/5am. And fall back deep sleep at 6am/7am. And the repetitive goes on.

I have try sleeping in friends place or hotel for a week. Still same result.
BTW, able to sleep when the sun rise because I'm doing own business, so my staff works in the normal hour and i work in the abnormal hour (night time).

And can you believe this, i always run half marathon with 1 hour sleep or no sleeps at all...

I can't understand, even living in a healthy lifestyle (gym and running), this problem still persist. I really need help to make a stop on this and i really want to life in a normal life.
This sleeping habit gave me a mild depression seriously... just so fed up of my self.

Tried warm milk, read book, change room, stop using internet/computer at night time, sleep in dark room or bright room. Problem still persist.

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I'm nearing 80 yrs. of age & have had similar problems all my adult life . In spite of running Marathons/Ultra marathons etc my physical state's not taken any harm from my insomnia ~ similar pattern to yourself. What does the damage is the anxiety caused by worrying about being unable to fall asleep ~ even when exhausted. BUT, my belief's that you are either a sleeper by nature or you're not. I continue to run on alternate days, not as fast as ........ but having tried all the recommended remedies & not found any that work I know which group I belong to. If you can just accept that you are not a 'natural sleeper' & can forget the 'rules' about sleeping you may find yourself in a better, less anxious frame of mind? Imagine how you'd feel if there was a race to get to sleep in a competition. No way could you do it ~ nor could I. Depression comes with anxiety about sleeping, or so mind did. Spare yourself this, you won't go insane/die if you don't sleep ~ like everyone else does. If you are unable to rid yourself of the anxiety caused by insomnia, go & see your Doc. Sleeping pills are not the way to go. I wish you success in your quest. I can understand exactly how you feel, but it won't do you any harm if you ignore it.
Good Luck!

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Thank you for sharing this information.
I' will read about this issue and see anything related or not, and will do the test if the doctor agree with this.
I don't have this thyroid issue all this while. But worth checking this adrenals.
Thanks again.
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I have no experience with ongoing insomnia but I do belong to a private group on facebook for thyroid.  There is a lot of people in that group with Hashimoto's, adrenal issues, hormonal imbalances that cause them insomnia.  Some say that can't fall asleep til 4 or 5 in the morning.  Hyper at night and tired during the day.
Just a thought.

Before any type of testing like cortisol for adrenals or thyroid read as much as you can before a doctor visit.  A lot of us has had trouble with Doctor's saying our levels are fine just because they fall within their limits.  Or the correct test not being ran like just a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which is the pituitary gland telling the thyroid to work.  TSH is somewhat important but with a Free T3 and Free T4.  

I really don't know if this would be you but it is something to look into?

Hashimoto's is an autoimmune thyroid disorder.  Your body is slowly "killing" off your thyroid.  So your body goes from hyperthyroidism to hypothyroidism as tissue is damaged.  This happens until the thyroid is destroyed and you are full blown hypothyroidism.....

Hyperthyroidism results in anxiety, feeling like you have an abundance of energy, heart races, trouble sleeping....But everyone is completely different. Especially when it comes to thyroid imbalances.
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Thanks gofio,

Do agree with you with that anxious frame of mind to fall asleep.
And i almost try sleeping pills last few weeks.

Thanks again, if i fail half way. Will come back here or consult a doctor.
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Sorry for a long post. Here... i make it short.

1. Not sleepy / Cant sleep at proper bedtime.
2. Once fall asleep, can't wake up until get full charge (10-12hours)
3. Sleepy and restless in the morning and afternoon.
4. Able to sleep instantly in the morning/afternoon but not night/midnight.
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