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Low Ferritin and High Iron - Causing Sleep Disorder

Low Ferritin and High Iron
by sosororo, 1 hour ago
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I posted in diagnosis in error but I thought I would post here.  This is a lot of information but I need clarity on chelation therapy for high iron.  I read chelation therapy will lower my iron but I would think my Ferrition would also come down.  My Ferritin was a 15.  A sleep clinic found this as they did rule out through a 16 hour sleep study, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.  He gave me a blood test that did show low Ferritin.  I took SR Iron and the Ferritin rise to 33.  I felt no better and did stop the iron supplement.  He checked Ferritin because I awoke 15 times a night and my legs kept jumping.  So did my body and my muscles are always clenched tight during "sleep".  When my body jumps I actually lift off the bed and my muscles are rock hard.  My friend tried to roll me over to feel the other side of my muscles and could not roll me as I was "glued" to the bed.

My Ferritin was checked by a Hematologist specialist that works in Oncology found my iron to be high. It was a 178 and should be no higher than 170.  My Ferritin was a 21 and 50 is low.  He is calling my Sleep Specialist Doctor to discuss this with him.  

Again, wouldn't Chelation  therapy lower my iron AND lower my Ferritin?  Low Ferritin and High Iron may run in my family as it is probably hereditary due to my family having non-conventional sicknesses.  Chemichal Sensitivity, Narcolepsy, Fibromyalgia, Sleep Disorders.  I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Bi-polar.   I get no real sleep even if I have 10-14 hours of "sleep" AND a nap 1-3 hours with serious fatigue and fogginess and pain.  I am disabled.

Although Neuron-tin (Gabapentin?) helped with the unbelievable fogginess (it is now fog) and being disoriented is not as severe and leaving a humid climate to dry has also helped I still have all these symptoms and I can be in them so badly I am barely able to do a thing for days.  Finally, when I feel good enough to run errands and such, I catch colds to serious flu like symptoms, even vomiting and diahreah.  I also get sweats which I KNOW is not because I am peri-menopausal.  I just know.  Plus it only happens every so often during "sleep".

Neurontin has helped the fog. I was so severely inflamed [prior to this I could only take a luke-warm) and I still do not have the energy to stand for a shower.  

Although I get depressed due to all of this, I actually do not suffer from depression.

I cannot thank you enough for just reading this.
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