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Multiple Vivid Dreams - When Will They Stop?

For three years I have had terrible insomnia.  I am finally starting to get my sleep back with minimal use of supplements such as GABA and no prescriptions.  I have been having an increase of multiple vivid dreams where I wake mid dream.  I heard that after a long time of sleep deprivation you can have rebound REM as your sleep comes back.  I am hoping this is part of that and will taper off over time. Has anyone else had the same experience?  The waking mid dreams seems to cause me to wake feeling dizzy and in a fog.  
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The vivid dreams do suggest your sleep is getting more robust, and you should be assured the REM dream stage usually comes after the deeper, more refreshing NREM stages.  All of which suggests you're getting some quality shut eye.  As for waking up "mid-dream", it could be that the dream stage is actually ending, that's when sleep is lightest and we're more likely to awaken.  Use that time to practice in bed relaxation methods to help yourself fall back asleep.  Consider using a full CBT sleep training system for a comprehensive solution.
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Thanks for the insight.  CBT is in part what help me get back on track.  I have been using the Calm app to fall back asleep.  I will keep doing it.  I am hoping the day time symptoms will drop off once I string along several weeks of consistent sleep.  
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