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My Twin Boy of 4 years

I have 3 kids. One elder daughter of 51/2 years and twins of 4 years (boy & girls)
My son is extremely demanding- always want me to be next to him, do not accept that his sis need me as well. walk to my bedroom every night.Always doing difficult when dropping him at school. At school, does not want to work. Quite stubborn with the teachers....
How to make him accept that need to share his mum with his sis and also need to accept rules at school & home?
Many thanks
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The best way to deal with your son is POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.  That's all I can say. Please ask his teacher at school to do the same. Be consistant, and don't give up, no matter how hard.
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Hi, it is normal to have behavioral changes at this age in some children. He may have attention seeking and as well as demanding behavior. This will comedown eventually. They feel insecure if they feel parents neglecting and more over if parents are favoring other children. He needs to be evaluated for Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

This is the time you should inculcate in him about what is right and what is wrong. He may be having various distractions, which should be avoided and should channelize him to some work. I suggest you to consult child psychiatrist for further management. Take care and regards.
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