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My mom has issues sleeping, causing family problems

Alright, I dont know if this is more of a "mental health" question or sleep question, but lets give it a shot.

About 6 or so months ago, my mom got a new buisness and it caused her tons of stress. One day - while we were at her place of buisness (I work with her) she completely lost all sense of awareness, she acted like stuff she did everyday was completely new and had no problem solving skills. Simple things were a big deal, and she started to slur her speech. It happened a few more times and has gotten pretty common now - at least twice a week. We have watched the problem and determined that if she takes a nap halfway through the day - she is fine. She also admits that she usually only sleeps 3-4 hours per day. Her diet is decent and she is averagely fit. Other than not sleeping, she is pretty averagly healthy.

We have tried to convince her to see a doctor or find a over the counter medication for her lack of sleep, and have tried to tell her about her "lack of awareness" issues. I personally need her to do something, soon, as it is making me a mental reck not knowing when I actually have a mom and when I have a walking zombie who I need to care for. She is also extremely mean during these attacks, has told me various times that I am "a pain", am "to much work" to be worth it, that she "doesnt love me" etc. and I know these things arent true because honestly, when she is herself we are about as close as a mother and daughter could ever be. Regardless of whether it is true or not, it is extremely hurtful and is slowly sending me into a state of withdraw and depression. I have found myself avoiding any contact with my mom, so that I can avoid the "bad times", which also hurts the good times that we could have if I was willing to be around her. I am honestly scared to wake up in the morning and say my first words to her and see if she is "around".

I am at a point in my life where I could move out, but it would be kindof early and my parents think I should stick around for another year or so before collage. I have, however, said that I am going to move out if this continues - she started crying and I thought she took the point to heart but later that week it began again. I have sat down and had a heart to heart with her and she mearly said that I was insane, she had no issues and that I was being mean. My father has done the same. Luckily, we always send my bro to a different house when it starts so he doesnt have to be around it.

So, after my life story (sorry) I am wondering if anyone has any ideas? I simply refuse to deal with this anymore, she needs help and refuses to get it. Not only am I worried about myself, my bro and my dad, but she could easily harm herself or others if this happends while she is away from home and tries to drive home, and she has fallen and hurt herself before aswell.

Any help would be appriciated.
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I would look in to minor strokes considering her slured speech. I would incurage her to see a dr maybe a ct scan incase its a nerological issue. Im sorry shes not feeling well but seek help these may be signs of something bigger
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Your description is way beyond my ability to comment much further - get her somehow to a doctor, your dad will work with you as I read it.

I don't know the list of symptoms associated with loss of sleep other than fatigue, which I think you didn't mention.  Still, your father may be able to tell you if your mother snores - one indication of obstructive sleep apnea.  Another symptom of OSA is loss of sleep and fatigue.

On another point, I read you are a young person planning to go to college.  While I am not one who thinks everyone has to go to college to be a valuable contributing member of society, I think you need to give careful consideration to your future too, while being a loving daughter is one important component.  

Many people, myself included, deferred going to college until 22 years of age, I enlisted in the Nave out of high school, was my reason.  Nonetheless, the delay in going to college helped me decide what I wanted to study (Electrical Engineering) and helped me be a better student.  Not for everyone but it worked for me, the delay added more than it detracted - I might of failed if I had entered college out of HS, I was not ready.

Bless you for your loving help to your mother and family, and please remember to take care of yourself and your goals.
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