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Narcolepsy and jobs?

If diagnosed with narcolepsy, and regulated and controlled with Meds can I still do whatever job? I want to be an under water welder, and I'm worried that once I get the diagnosis I won't be able to do the job I really want to do.
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This isn't true.  I have Narcolepsy that is controlled by medication. & I am a very skilled Surgical Technologist assisting in surgical procedures & managing a department.  I perform my job very well & always receive Outstanding performance reviews.  Do not let Narcolepsy control your life.  You should be able to do what you want.  At times yes I have to go back to my Nurologist & have my medications adjusted but my doctor knows what I do for a living.  I have assisted him in surgical procedures even.  As long as you stay aware of how your body is feeling & aware of your symptoms & take your medication you will be fine.  I have been a Surgical Technologist for 13 years now.   I also take lots of call & at times work long hours & have to come in for surgeries in the middle of the night.
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You need to keep in mind that being an underwater welder is a dangerous job to begin with, on average 6 to 13 people die each year. They can work long odd hours in all types of weather conditions and at depths over 130 ft. So you might have to work nights or any combination of hours depending on the job. A person needs to be 100% focused while they are working and a person with ADHD would not be able to do so.
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But wouldn't it also have to do with the symptoms? I mean I could get it if I was collapsing, or just falling asleep un controllably but all my symptoms are night time ones and just tired ness but that can be fixed with Meds? So someone with ADHD that has to take Meds on a daily basis couldn't even do it? Just doesn't make sense, I know it all has to do with safety
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Not really, it depends on the type of work and the regulations that OSHA requires for that type of job. For example if a person has ever been diagnosed with seizures, they legally can not become a truck driver regardless if they are controlled by medication or not.
Underwater welding is the same way. It is a very dangerous type of work so it is highly regulated. This is what International Diving Institute reports:

Disqualifying Conditions…

According to ADC, a person having any of the following conditions, as determined by a physician's examination shall be disqualified from engaging in diving or other hyperbaric activities.

· Chronic conditions requiring continuous control by medication
· History of seizure disorder other than early childhood febrile (high fever) conditions.
· Cystic or cavitary disease of the lungs, significant obstructive or restrictive lung disease, or recurrent pneumothorax
· Chronic inability to equalize sinus and middle ear pressure
· Significant central or peripheral nervous system disease or impairment
· Chronic alcoholism drug abuse, or history of psychosis
· Significant hemoglobinpathies
· Significant malignancies
· Grossly impaired hearing
· Significant osteonecrosis

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