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Need help ASAP! Must figure something out now!

I have had anxiety in the past really bad actually, I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD, social anxiety, a personality disorder, and NOS? I don't take any medications right now I have taken adderall in the past, and Celexa, resperdal, and Abilify, I haven' taken any of these medications for over 7 years except the adderall! I have taken adderall within the last year but not regularly. Just has needed for times I need to be completely focused and when I need to sit and pay attention for long periods of time? I don't have insurance but I have an appointment to talk to a doctor about starting a new medication soon! I don't have insurance so I can't afford to go to the doctor in an emergency unless it is severe! I have never been constipated in my life unless I have forgotten. it is scaring me because I have been so healthy for so long and I can't take anymore extra time to focus on things like this, I need to find a job I have been laid off since November 17th of 2010 and my girlfriend is pregnant and due in the middle to end of March! I really need to try to deal with everything going on right now and stay focused but I worry it's getting to late? Any good suggestions or ideas I can try? For now I am trying to stick with natural health until I get into a situation where I can afford to take the time to focus on these issues with medicine! Please, please, please I haven't had a manic episode in very long time! I need to figure out a way to get back on track for now without a lot of side effects! Marijuana has worked wonders in the past where the usual prescribed medicines have failed but I currently live in a State where that is not an option and I can't afford to buy any nor do I want to take the risk in my job search with failing or stressing over a UA, I cannot afford any more bad week days! I have two days to recover! Please I know you are a medical nurse but I know that there is a natural way to deal with these issues for now! It's really odd I have eaten well during the day and before bed the last couple days I have limited my caffeine intake and have been drinking a lot of water and juice, I get an upset stomach at night and have even went to the bathroom here and there it is liquid and mostly clear? What's that mean? PLEASE HELP ME I AM DESPERATE!!!
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  If I were you I would check with a few doctors offices or even your local emergency room about any free clinics in your area. There must be one close by, and it can't hurt to check. You should be focusing on these current issues now, before they get totally out of hand and you no longer can ask for help. I, personally, do not advocate for illegal medications, so to speak, and one should be careful treating with herbal remedies, do the research first, know what can be used together and what can't. But, check on the free clinic, would you?
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Hi, welcome to the forum, sleep disorders are usually associated with stress, anxiety, depression. Even generalized disease or conditions can cause such symptoms; hence this needs to be ruled out.

Generalize conditions needed to be ruled out are anemia, Diabetes, steroid use, thyroid disorder (hypothyroidism- this is also associated with constipation), blood disorder and dietary deficiencies.

Firstly you need to undergo routine blood tests like complete blood count, differential count, ESR, Hb% and thyroid profile etc.

If stress is present, you need to go for relaxation exercises. Appropriate use of sedatives (benzodiazepines) will help you to get adequate sleep. I suggest you to consult a physician and get treated for recovery of normal sleep-awake cycle. Take care and regards.
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