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Need help sleeping. Don't have money for doctor or sleep study

Hello y'all, I think I've got the apnea but have a high deductible health plan. Seeing a doctor runs me 300 and this sleep study would be 1500. Can't afford that but don't want to die in my sleep, ya know? Any options for me?
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If you have some pounds to lose, that's the most important thing.  Not only losing weight, but working on muscle tone and posture.  Avoid using dairy, especially drinking milk, because it causes mucus and inflammation.  Avoid sugar and high-carb foods, again because of inflammation.  You could use those nose strips that hold your nose open if you have any trouble breathing through your nose.  You could drink mint tea before bed.  It reduces inflammation.  
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Keep a routine, go to bed and wake up the same time every day.  No naps.

Do not do any of the following closely before bed:  Heavy Exercise, Large Meal, Alcohol, Smoke, Use Technology (Phone, Tablet, PC).

Make your room completely dark, try to eliminate any unwanted noises with a sound machine, try aromatherapy
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Hi. My father has sleep apnea. He has had it for a very long time. It has really affected a lot of issues he has. We are also in a tight issue with money. You should look for online sleep test without a script. There are some online.  They charge around $200 dollers. If you are having money issues I would do this first. Good luck.
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