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Never feel rested, but sleep long and deeply - normal, or some disorder?

My 'symptoms':
- Sleep 7-9 hours every night
- Virtually never have trouble falling asleep (usually do within 2-3 mins of turning out the light)
- Very deep sleeper (even my phone ringing on my bedside table, or bright sunlight outside, almost never wakes me up)
- Virtually never remember dreams
- Every day, wake up feeling very groggy. It takes multiple hours for me to feel like I've "woken up" and am functioning at full cognitive capacity - even after showering, eating and having coffee. Some days I never really get there, and the groggy / foggy feeling persists all day.
- Much more alert and energetic at 10pm than at 10am
- Work from 9am~8pm every weekday

I'm 28 years old, and have been this way for many years.  I chalked it up to adolescence, but it's persisted, or if anything gotten worse over the years.  Is this a 'condition'?  Is it just 'not being a morning person'?
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Many health problems, can make a person feel tired, not well rested, thyroid, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, etc.....  stating virtually never remember dreams suggest you should have a sleep study done.  

My experience I felt the same as you, I would tell everyone, I felt like the walking dead, yawned all day, just going through the motion, had to take naps, never had any dreams, or remembered any, I had sleep study done, given cpap/mask, made a major difference in my life, every night I sleep now, I have really long dreams, wake up feeling refreshed, unless my other health issues, causes fatigue.  At first I couldn't stand wearing a mask, tried many different ones, till I found the perfect one, now can't live without it.  Yeah, sometimes I get freaked out, cause I'll have some super long dreams, and I mean long dreams, opposed to not having dreams at all.  All I'd remember is going to sleep, waking up.  

Have a sleep study done..........  Wishing you well.  
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The unrefreshing sleep is a red flag for apnea.  You should get a checkup and bring all this to the attention of your doc.  Yes, it is could also be hypothyroidism or a number of other medical or psychiatric issues as well, including a just a simple mistiming of your circadian rhythm.  

You should also be confident this can be fixed.
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could be sleep apnea. kinda rare for your age, but deff not unheard of.
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